VP’s Office Staff

 VP Dr. Larry Lunsford Picture


Dr. Lunsford provides leadership direction for the Division of Student Affairs. He oversees over 400 employees who serve more than 50,000 students. Additionally, Dr. Lunsford is responsible for Division publications, including service as the managing editor of Diversity Exchange magazine.  Dr. Lunsford also teaches in the Higher Education program and is involved with the planning and teaching of the University’s First Year Experience course.
E-Mail: lunsford@fiu.edu


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  Cathy-Akens-Associate VP title

Dr. Cathy Akens came to FIU in 1993 and has held various roles in Housing and Residential Life before her appointment as Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs on the Biscayne Bay Campus in 2006. In 2012, she was promoted to her current role as Associate Vice President and Dean of Students.  She oversees a number of departments that promote student retention and success and serves as the Division’s liaison to the Higher Education graduate program, which she has been teaching in for 9 years.  As Dean of Students, Dr. Akens chairs FIU’s Behavioral Intervention team and works with students and their families when students are in distress.
E-Mail: akensc@fiu.edu

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VP Dr. Eric Arneson picture

  Eric-Arneson-Assistant VP title

Dr. Arneson is an FIU alum and has worked here since 2008. He has worked professionally in Student Affairs at several institutions including Florida State University, the University of Miami, and the University of Illinois. Dr. Arneson assumed his current position as Assistant Vice-President for Student Affairs in September 2012. In this role he oversees Student Affairs on the Biscayne Bay Campus and also Campus Recreation, Student Media, Orientation, and Campus Life at the MMC Campus. He also teaches is the FIU Higher Education program.
E-Mail: earneson @fiu.edu

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 VP Dr. Cheryl Nowell picture


Cheryl Singleton Nowell, Ph.D. is currently the Assistant Vice President for Counseling and Health Services and the Executive Director of Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS). She joined FIU as a University Psychologist in 1994.Dr. Nowell is a graduate of the Clinical Psychology Program at Kent State University, Kent, Ohio. Dr. Nowell has been licensed as a psychologist in the state of Florida for over 20 years. The professional organization with which she is most actively involved is the Association of University and College Counseling Center Directors where she served on the Elements of Excellence Task Force for 6 years; she is currently a member of the Board of Accreditation for the international Association of Counseling Services. Dr. Nowell has presented nationally on topics including crisis management and recovery, management skills and accountability.It is Dr. Nowell’s belief that the World Health Organization’s definition of health, i.e.  “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity,” challenges us all to strive for a better world.
E-Mail: nowellc@fiu.edu/a>

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Dr. Delgado is an FIU alumnus and has worked here since 2012. His professional experience in Student Affairs spans several institutions including the University of Georgia, the University of Maryland – College Park, and Miami Dade College. Dr. Delgado assumed his current position as Ombudsman and Assistant Dean of Students in December 2013. As the Ombudsman, he provides confidential assistance to students who are experiencing problems or concerns with faculty, staff, departments, or programs. As the Assistant Dean of Students, he works with the Behavioral Intervention Team to support students in distress and serves on-call in emergency and crisis situations. Dr. Delgado also teaches in the FIU Adult Education and Human Resource Development program.E-Mail: antodelg@fiu.edu

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 Executive Director Matilde Gramling picture

Matilde-Gramling-executive director title 

Responsible for the daily business associated with the Division’s budget, Matilde Gramling works closely with Directors and the budget managers in the Division to manage financial and personnel-related processes. Ms. Gramling also oversees the A&S office, working closely with SGA in the distribution of their allocated student fees budget.

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 Diana de Castro picture

Diana de Castro title 

Diana de Castro joined the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs in November of 2012. She supports Matilde Gramling in managing financial and personnel-related processes, as well as the daily business associated with the Division’s Budget. Mrs. de Castro also provides administrative support to PI’s for Sponsored Research Grants within the Division.

 Elizabeth Rizo picture

Elizabeth Rizo Senior Executive Secretary title 

Elizabeth Rizo joined the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs in August 2011. Ms. Rizo supports Dr. Cathy Akens, Associate Vice President and Dean of Students.
E-Mail: elizabeth.rizo@fiu.edu

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 Cathy Sanchez picture

cathy sanchez executive assistant 

Cathy Sanchez joined FIU and Student Affairs office in April, 2002.  Mrs. Sanchez provides executive administrative assistance to the Vice President for Student Affairs in the overall daily operations of the office.  She serves as liaison between the Vice President and administrative units within the Division and the University, as well as coordinating project activities.
E-Mail: sanchezc@fiu.edu

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 Maria Juarez picture

Maria Juarez Senior Secretary title 

Maria Juarez is the front line receptionist for the office. She greets visitors, answers the phones and assists students, staff and visitors to the office. Ms. Juarez joined the office in March, 2006.
E-Mail: juarezm@fiu.edu


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Lessie Reid Office Manager title 

Lessie Reid joined FIU in September, 2002.  Ms. Reid supports Dr. Eric E. Arneson, Assistant Vice-President with the oversight of Student Affairs daily operations on the Biscayne Bay Campus.
E-Mail:  reidl@fiu.edu