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Student Affairs Graduate Association (SAGA) is an organization for students in the Higher Education Administration program pursuing the Student Affairs track.  SAGA’s mission is to foster graduate student education through providing unique learning opportunities that help students grow academically, professionally, and socially.  With the help of the Division of Student Affairs, SAGA students develop their knowledge of student affairs in an effort to become more well-rounded professionals through the use of program faculty advisors, semester-long practicums, full year assistantships, and professional development opportunities.

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SAGA Days (Graduate Assistant Visit Days)

The Student Affairs Graduate Association (SAGA) hosts a three-day on campus interview and orientation session for students pursuing the Higher Education Administration program who are interested in applying for graduate assistantships.

Student Affairs Graduate Assistantship Days (SAGA Days) is typically held at the end of March.  The program provides students with an opportunity to meet with current students and program faculty to learn more about the academic program, campus, and the graduate assistantships.

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Graduate Assistantships

The Division of Student Affairs and other University offices offer assistantships for students in the Higher Education Administration program through a number of departments.  These assistantships offer students practical experiences that closely relate to their coursework.  Most assistantships require students to work 20 hours per week and offer a stipend and tuition waiver.

The following departments typically offer assistantships:

    • Orientation and Parent Programs
    • Career Services
    • Center for Leadership and Service
    • Enrollment Services
    • Housing and Residential Life
    • International Student and Scholar Services
    • Multicultural Programs and Services
    • Sorority and Fraternity Life
    • Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution

The majority of assistantships are offered through SAGA Days.