Staff Spotlight: Christopher Arguedas



The Graduate Assistant Achievement Award recognizes a graduate assistant who demonstrates a commitment to serving students and integrating theories and knowledge gained in the classroom, into practice. This individual exhibits professionalism, dedication and a strong work ethic. Their work has contributed to the mission and goals of FIU and the Division.
The recipient of the Graduate Assistant Achievement Award is Christopher Arguedas
The graduate assistantship was created to give students real experience while helping the department and students succeed.  Chris has taken this experience to a new level by the amount he has given back to FIU.  First, he has been outstanding in his position and has created strong relationships with PA’s and other student leaders.  Not satisfied in simply doing well at his job, he also took the lead on SAGA Days, showcasing FIU to nearly 70 potential Higher Students.  Still not satisfied, and after taking some time to represent FIU in case studies and presentations, Chris was elected by his peers to be their SAGA President.
According to his nominator, Chris is an exceptional coach to students stemming from his desire for them to have a great student experience.
Please join me in congratulating Christopher Arguedas