University Ombudsman

University Ombudsman


* Biscayne Bay Campus students may also contact Dr. Eric Arneson at (305) 919-5943

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Whom do you turn to?

What do you do?

When do you ask for help?

Where do you go for help?

In a University of over 50,000 students, 4,100 employees, and over 1,000 departments, offices, programs, and centers, how do you know where to find answers to your questions?

When you feel you have no place to turn, it’s good to know you have a place to go.

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What is the University Ombudsman?

The University Ombudsman provides a forum for students to address and resolve student issues with faculty, staff, departments, or programs.  The goal of the Ombudsman is to resolve student concerns and provide recommendations for the enhancement of procedures and policies to prevent future student problems.

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How can the Ombudsman help?

The University Ombudsman can be the first resource when a student does not know where to get information for a particular situation; or as a last resort, when normal channels of communication have failed to bring resolution to a difficulty.

The Ombudsman acts as an impartial and confidential forum to help students who have encountered problems or conflicts within the University, particularly problems not being adequately addressed through normal channels, or which processes and procedures seem incapable of, or are causing an inordinate delay in resolving.  The Ombudsman may resolve problems through various methods, including investigating, mediation, or making referrals to the appropriate University department for review.  The Ombudsman should be utilized in situations where all areas of appeal have been exhausted or proven unsuccessful.

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The Ombudsman Office maintains a high level of…

Confidentiality.  All communications are kept confidential and will not be pursued without the student’s authorization and consent.

Impartiality.  The Ombudsman does not take sides, and functions in a neutral role, independent of usual administrative authorities or other University structures.

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The Ombudsman services include:

• Providing information and resource files on University policies, procedures, services, and programs.  Making referrals to other FIU resources or departments able to assist the student with a problem or conflict.

• Conducting workshops on conflict management.

• Offering feedback and recommendations to policy-making committees when creating or revising policies, procedures, and structures within departments or programs.

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What situations can the Ombudsman help with?

The Ombudsman can assist in any matter which a student believes needs attention  These include, but are not limited to:

• Access to course/credit granted toward degrees.

• Academic matters/grade disputes.

• Ethical issues.

• Working Conditions.

• Policy or procedure violations.