Distinguished Performance Awards


2015 Distinguished Performance Awards

Tuesday, October 13, 2015
10am-1pm • WUC Ballrooms
FIU Biscayne Bay Campus



Award Descriptions

New Employee Award: Recognizes an individual who began working at FIU on or after June 1 of the previous year. Since then, this individual has had a significant impact at the University and in the Division.

Bright Idea Award: Recognizes an individual or group who has, in the past year, created an innovative program or service consistent with the mission and values of Student Affairs. The new program or service should be one that improves efficiency, customer service, and/or significantly enhances accomplishment of the Division goals.

Service Award: Recognizes an individual whose service and contributions, through division and/or university projects and committees, and/or the local community, help to advance the goals of Student Affairs and the University.

Customer Service Award: Recognizes an individual who always demonstrates professionalism by serving the needs of the University community. This individual takes the extra step to ensure that all students/clients feel important and welcome, and that expectations are not only met, but exceeded.

Leadership Award: Recognizes an individual, who challenges students and other staff members to achieve excellence and motivates and sets the example of excellence for others to follow. This individual is successful in moving a team toward goals that are consistent with the vision of a department, group, committee, or university organization.

Student Advisor Award: Recognizes an individual who has demonstrated a sincere commitment to serving students in an advisory capacity, either as a group advisor, mentor, or one who is actively involved in the academic and/or personal development of students. This individual promotes student learning and development, through their guidance and assistance.

Team Player Award: Recognizes an individual or group who works exceptionally well with others, both within the department and throughout the FIU community. This individual or group possesses a willingness to collaborate and tends to be more concerned about getting the job accomplished rather than receiving the credit.

Academic Partner Award: Recognizes a faculty member or academic administrator who has made significant personal and departmental contributions to enhance the mission of the Division of Student Affairs, through their collaboration, involvement in Division programs or services, and their support of the goals of our Division.

Supervisor Award: Recognizes an individual who demonstrates excellent supervisory skills. This individual is fair and ethical, and encourages the development of staff. This individual has the ability to listen to all points of view and is able to make fair decisions.

Professional Development Award: Recognizes an individual who provides service and/or contributes to the dissemination of knowledge for our profession, through one or more of the following areas: service to state, regional or national professional associations; publication of best practices or original research; or presentation at professional conferences.

Graduate Assistant Achievement Award: Recognizes a graduate assistant who demonstrates a commitment to serving students and integrating theories and knowledge gained in the classroom, into practice. This individual exhibits professionalism, dedication and a strong work ethic. Their work has contributed to the mission and goals of FIU and the Division.

2015 Distinguished Performance Award Recipients

Academic Partner Ana Ramos
Bright Ideas Sabrena O’keefe
Customer Service Martha Orduna
Leadership Stephen Loynaz
New Employee Ryan Keesee
Service Joanna Garcia
Ludovica Virgile
Student Mentor Ashley Grimes
Supervisor of the Year Nashira Williams
Team Player Korrin Anderson
Graduate Assistant Achievement Stephanie Jamanca

2014 Distinguished Performance Award Recipients

Academic Partner Dr. Jan Solomon
Bright Ideas Student Health Services
Center for Leadership and Service
Customer Service Isabel Capella
Leadership Debaro Huyler
New Employee Jerusha Labady
Professional Development Robert “Bobby” Borgmann
Service Gisela Vega
Student Mentor Vladimir Charles
Supervisor of the Year Harold Clayton
Team Player John Tallon
Graduate Assistant Achievement Sonia Khatkhate

2013 Distinguished Performance Award Recipients

Academic Partner Laura Boudon
Scarlett Aldana Bosch
Marco Gomez
Mary Kauffman
Valerie Morgan
Elizabeth Marston
Bright Ideas Fernando Ottati
John Parmenter
Customer Service Stephanie Bello
Leadership Patty Lopez-Guerrero
New Employee Daniel La Fuente
Professional Development Saara Schwartz
Service Silvia Valdez
Student Mentor Timothy Dean
Supervisor of the Year Ivette Duarte
Team Player Steven James
Graduate Assistant Achievement Christopher Arguedas

2012 Distinguished Performance Award Recipients

Academic Partner Janie Valdes
Bright Ideas Bronwen Bares-Pelaez
Xuan Stevens
Customer Service Glenda Scott
Leadership Sanyo Mathew
New Employee Sabrena O’Keefe
Professional Development Michelle Castro
Service Cristobal (Ricardo)Molina
Student Mentor Joanna Lindsay
Supervisor of the Year Jeannette Cruz
Team Player Larissa Adames
Graduate Assistant Achievement Blayne Stone, Jr.

2011 Distinguished Performance Award Recipients

Academic Partner Stephanie Doscher
Hilary Landorf
Bright Ideas Gabriela Alvarez
Customer Service Lourdes Diaz-Bergouignan
Leadership Janice Lopez
New Employee Bobby Borgmann
Vanina Granell
Professional Development Ayana Wilson
Service Jessica Larsen
Student Mentor Jose Toscano
Supervisor of the Year Ivette Duarte
Team Player Maria Reyes
Angie Tigera