Staff Spotlight: John Parmenter



The Bright Idea Award is designed to recognize an individual or group who has, in the past year, created an innovative program or service consistent with the mission and values of Student Affairs. The new program or service should be one that improves efficiency, customer service, and/or significantly enhances accomplishment of the Division goals.
In keeping with the theme of engagement, John took it upon himself to create an event that would create energy and excitement for students during the summer, when historically we have had little programming.  John heard the feedback from students that summer needed a boost, especially for new students.  Thus he created the incredibly popular summerfest program.  His idea has ballooned into a massive summer concert and packed pool parties.  Due to John’s initiative over 2,000 students had the opportunity to experience FIU energy over the summer.
Something that makes this even more incredible is the fact that programming is not even part of his job; John just took this project on because he saw a need and wanted to fix it.
Please join me in congratulating John Parmenter