Multi-Faith Council

The Multi-faith Council is comprised of multiple religious organizations from different faith traditions. These organizations are devoted to their unique religions traditions, but together as a council, they serve the FIU community through a commitment to foster an atmosphere that both nurtures the intellectual dimensions of faith as well as encourage the spiritual dimensions of education. The member organizations of the Multi-faith Council are all affiliated with nationally-recognized religious bodies, and the leaders of Multi-faith Council organizations are professional staff (clergy or laity). For more information about religious life here at FIU, please contact members of the Council.

Organization Contact Contact Information
Baptist Campus Ministries Matt Wofford 870-219-6281
Baptist Collegiate Ministries Gus Hernandez
Facebook: fiubcm
Twitter: @FIUBCM
Catholic Campus Ministers Rigoberto (Rigo) Vega 305-222-1500
CRU at FIU Chris Nadolny 305-742-4336
Facebook: cru@FIU
Twitter: @crufiu
Every Nation Ministries Fikri Youseff 305.222.7075
FIU Chabad Rabbi Levi Friedman 786.266.1035
FIU-MDC Wesley Rev. Paul Massingill 305.282.1929
Hillel at FIU Jessica Kronis/Michal Hertmann
Impact Ministries Kenley Cherenfant 410.802.1635
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Steve Tamayo 954.483.0854
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (Grad Students) Gary Cameron 305.613.4627
Maimonides Florida Saj Freiberg 786.444.0480
Facebook: maimonidesFIU
Muslims at FIU Kamruz Hosein
Team Respect Rev. Steve Lantz 786.306.6185


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