Operating Procedures

A Purchase Request must be submitted through Panther Connect for all Registered Student Organizations (RSO), Agencies, and Bureaus. 

Forms must be submitted at least:

  • 15 business days after club advisor approves Purchase Request
  • 40 business days prior to any travel

Requests are reviewed by Campus Life advisors (M-F 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM). Only complete forms with the required information will be reviewed, all others will be denied.  For RSOs, Campus Life advisors will review the forms after the organization advisor has approved the request.  This form must be approved by the Campus Life advisors PRIOR to continuing with the process and payment by:

  • Activity and Service Business Office @MMC - GC 2200
  • CL Accounting @BBC - WUC 141

Purchasing Procedures

For all student organizations using their allocation, the Advisor's and Campus Life Advisor's authorization are required via Panther Connect.  The A&S Business Office staff is required to inform and instruct the Committee chairpersons and student leaders on the policies and procedures of the University. This will allow for the appropriate planning of the activities and ensure that the funds are accurately assigned in the individual accounts and categories. 

If your organization is using Activity and Service Fees (funds from SGA), your event is required to be open and free to ALL FIU students.  SGA Finance Code requires that all expenditures be made through an established process. In order to spend your SGA funds you must complete a Purchase Request via Panther Connect.  

Purchase Request should have

  • Information completed with contact information, and amount needed for event
  • List or invoice of items and/or services being purchased for an event (all purchases should be paid by the office with a commodity card and/or Purchase Order - please call for information)
  • Make sure a flyer/event announcement is provided with the SGA logo or affirm that event is funded by SGA, also it needs to include "Open to all FIU students"
  • Make sure there are sufficient funds in the organization's account.

If there are any questions or your request is declined, you will be notified. At no time before the Purchase Request is approved should your organization commit any funds. Individuals/organizations that make a purchase without prior approval should understand that they will not be reimbursed and should consider the purchase a donation.

The SGA Finance Code prohibits paying expenditures without proper authorization. Overspending is also prohibited. Organizations are responsible for reimbursing Student Government for the amount overspent.

Commodity Card

The Commodity Card is designed to improve efficiency in processing; it allows the A&S Business Office to make purchases of materials, supplies, services and some non-capital outlay (OCO) equipment (less than $5,000 unit cost) directly from any vendor that accepts VISA. Orders can be placed by phone, by fax, over the Internet or in person.

Purchase Order

An official document issued by FIU's Purchasing department that lists all the order details (items, quantities, prices, contacts, authorized users, dates valid, and PO#). This document goes to the vendor and acts as a guarantee of payment for their goods/services.

Smart Billing

Used by on-campus vendors such as the Publications, Parking Service, and other FIU departments. Submit a File for Funds Request along with quote from the department which services are requested.

Agreement for Services

This is used when you employ someone for a service (such as production, staging, lighting) rather than a commodity. Payment will be issued after services rendered. Please work with the Campus Life Office to make sure all forms are taken care of before the event, due to the different services. Most services require that the vendor has an insurance form filed with the University's Purchasing department.

Entertainment Performance Agreement

A contractual service occurs when you hire a person or group to provide you with a service (for example, DJ's, comedians, lectures and bands) instead of a commodity (for example, food, t-shirts or other merchandise). Student organizations ARE NOT authorized to sign ANY contracts (they are not legal entities of Florida International University). All requests for an entertainment performance agreement must be reviewed and signed by the VP for Student Affairs.

The purchasing process for an entertainment performance agreement entails completing the appropriate Contract Information form and attaching all essential documentation. All paperwork must be submitted at least 15 business days prior to the event date. If a check is needed on the day of the event, it must be indicated on your request form and submitted 20 business days prior to the event date.

FIU employees, in any capacity (full-time, part-time, OPS, etc.), cannot be paid via a purchase order since they cannot be classified as an independent contractor. Student organizations, agencies, bureaus, and affiliated projects cannot pay FIU employees or organization members for services rendered or for any goods.

After obtaining the goods/services, your organization needs to submit the receipt/invoice from the vendor to the A&S Business Office within 5 days of the purchase. This is to ensure the vendor receives payment in a timely fashion. Failure to comply with completion of the Purchasing process may result in a "hold" on your student records.

Please note: Items purchased for recurring use must be stored on campus and must be able to present such inventory for audit.

Reimbursements to Individuals are not allowed - please contact the office for further information.

Procedures for Travel

Travel must be authorized in advance. The adviser must approve the detailed travel plans, and funds must be available in the agency/organization budget. The Purchase Request is needed for Travel and must be submitted 35 business days prior to the trip.  Remember depending on the nature of the trip, advance registration and flight reservation need to be arranged and paid with ample time - please plan accordingly.

Requests for Travel will need the following

  • Complete and approved Purchase Request 
  • Release Forms from each student traveling
  • List of participants - only students with valid panther ID
  • Agenda for the conference/seminar
  • Registration form for conference/seminar

All travel related expenditures will be paid directly from the Activity and Service Business Office. Make sure that all receipts for the travel expenses are submitted to the A&S Business Office within 10 days of the day of travel. 

Transportation - Car and Air Travel / Mileage

All driving must follow a usually-traveled route. Mileage reimbursement is when your OWN automobile is driven and is reimbursed at $.44 per mile; mileage is based on the university's listing of mileage from Miami to various in-state and out-of-state locations. This information can be obtained from the travel department's website

*Gas is not reimbursed when a private automobile is driven. The $.445 mileage reimbursement covers gas and mileage.

Rental Cars (please visit the A&S Business Office first before renting a car)

The University currently has a state contract with Avis Budget Group Inc. which should be used in order to obtain a better rate.  Please note there are some restrictions that do not allow the A&S Business Office to pay for the car rental depending on the traveler.  Reservations will need to be made directly by the student (please visit the A&S Business Office before renting) and be paid by the student.  Only the student who is listed as the traveler on the form will be allowed to pick up and drive the vehicle. Traveler will need to pay the rental cost and will be reimbursed.

Air Travel

Transportation by common carrier when traveling on official business will be paid directly by the University group travel card.  


Hotel charges should be justified if over $150 per night in the State of Florida or if over $150 out of the state. Charges should be comparable to the area (i.e., $250 would not be unusual in New York but would be in Athens, Georgia). Travelers should try to stay 4 to a room if possible.

Conference Registration

Registration fees can be paid prior to the travel through a University group travel card. Please be aware of early bird specials and make an effort to submit the Purchase Request on time in order to meet conference deadlines.


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