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    Assessment in Student Affairs: February 14th, 2019

     Assessment Session Flyer

    Assessment in Student Affairs is centered on improving student success through a variety of ways. Additionally, in demonstrating the effectiveness of Student Affairs programs, it is important for practitioners to ensure that they are equipped with the necessary skills to conduct assessment, interpret results, and act on important findings.


    Excellence In Supervision: January 16, 2019

    Excellence In Supervision

    Do you aspire to be a supervisor? Are you currently a supervisor and looking for ways to improve? Join us for a discussion led by FIU's Director of Housing, Mr. Joe Paulick, on how to implement best practices in supervision, motivation, and recognizing employee performance.


    Embracing Diversity and Promoting Inclusion for Student Success: December 7, 2018 


    As Student Affairs professionals, we have a responsibility to embrace diversity, encourage social responsibility, honor equality, and foster student success. In doing so, we can become the leaders in promoting campus diversity, inclusion, social awareness, and advocacy. Over the past several months, Multicultural Programs and Services (MPAS) developed a mission, vision, core values, and goals to lead the Division of Academic and Student Affairs in these efforts. Through attending this session, staff will gain knowledge on how new strategies will be implemented to benefit the student body at Florida International University. 


    Assessing your Office for Equity and Inclusion: November 13, 2018


    What can we do to improve students' sense of cultural relevance and cultural responsiveness at FIU? Come learn about a framework that will help you examine your program or department from an "equity-minded" perspective based on who participates, what has access, and what impact participation has on identified outcomes. This session will provide you with a toolkit you can use to examine approaches in your area, resource at FIU you can use to help you gather information, and tips to develop a plan of action to ensure all students can benefit from you programs and services. 


    Creating a Professional Development Plan: November 1, 2018

     Creating a Professional Development Plan

    Have you ever wondered why you should come to a Staff Development Committee program? Or why you should attend conferences or webinars? It's important to understand what you are trying to achieve professionally in order to make the most of professional development opportunities and funding. To kick-off SDC programs for 2018-19, we invite you to join us for a workshop designed to help you create your own professional development plan.


    Comp Model Self-Assessment

    Comp Model Self-Assessment

    Comp Model Self-Assessment

    Comp Model Self-Assessment


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