As you think about hosting an intern, it is important to make sure your organization is ready. Start by reviewing this checklist to see where your organization/department stands. While it is not required that you have a check in each box, it is good to begin thinking about the following considerations:

  • We have read and understood the legal standards applicable to internships according to the U.S. Department of Labor - Fair Labor Standards Act and the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE Standards
  • We have obtained employee buy-in.
  • We have identified departments/work areas that can facilitate a learning environment for students.
  • We have the time to support an intern.
  • We have the physical resources to support an intern:
    • A safe, adequate work space (accommodations for students with disabilities)
    • Access to computers, internet access
    • Telephone
    • Reference/Informational materials
    • Parking
  • We have the financial resources to support an intern. Although not required, some suggested forms of compensation include:
    • Hourly pay
    • Monthly or semester stipend
    • Scholarship or tuition payment
    • Academic credit
    • Transportation or lunch stipend
    • Professional development opportunities
  • We have created and set clear learning outcomes and goals for student interns.
  • We have quality work assignments for the intern. These may include:
    • Assisting or creating specific projects
    • Participating in staff or team meetings
  • Ability to shadow and meet with lead team members
  • An intern will be able to apply the knowledge they have learned in the classroom to the workplace.
  • The work assignments will be attainable yet challenging for the intern.
  • We have someone to train, supervise, and mentor an intern. Responsibilities may include:
    • Creating an orientation for new interns
    • Holding one-on-one weekly meetings with the intern
    • Being open and available to answer questions
    • Providing the intern with career development opportunities
    • Outlining learning objectives with the intern
    • Reflecting with intern on how their internship relates to their classroom learning
    • Evaluating the intern's performance throughout the internship
  • The intern's supervisor should have some degree of expertise in the area in which the intern will be working and learning.
  • *Please see Employer Manual for additional resources and sample forms on creating internship programming**



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