Graduation Success Initiative

The Graduation Success Initiative (GSI) is an extensive, university-wide set of innovations dedicated to helping FIU's undergraduate students to succeed academically. The key ideas behind the GSI are simple:

  • Help students to find their academic home as early as possible--their appropriate major, a major that matches their interests, abilities, and goals.
  • Provide students with a clear path to success--timely graduation in their appropriate major.
  • Give students immediate feedback and support if they get off their path to success.
  • Remove barriers and add supports for students as they progress on their path to success.
  • Reach out to students proactively with guidance and not wait for them to contact us.

The GSI includes a suite of technological tools which helps students and advisors stay connected and know where the students are going, how to get there, and whether or not the students are on the right track.



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