• FIU SACSCOC Leadership Team

    The FIU SASCOC Leadership Team is responsible for providing oversight for the reaffirmation process, including the development, implementation, and completion of the Quality Enhancement Plan in accordance with SACSCOC expectations.

    Name and Title

    Mark B. Rosenberg, PhD, FIU President

    Kenneth G. Furton, PhD, FIU Provost

    Elizabeth M. Bejar, PhD, Senior Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, SACSCOC Liaison

    Kevin B. Coughlin Jr., PhD, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Services

    Jennifer L. Doherty-Restrepo, PhD, Director of Accreditation; Clinical Associate Professor, Athletic Training

    Andres G. Gil, PhD, Vice President for Research and Economic Development; Dean, University Graduate School

    Kenneth A. Jessell, PhD, Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration; Chief Financial Officer

    Hiselgis Perez, PhD, Associate Vice President for Analysis and Information Management

    Joerg Reinhold, PhD, Chair, FIU Faculty Senate; Professor, Physics

    Robert Grillo, MBA, Vice President for Information Technology; Chief Information Officer


    The leadership team has charged FIU SACSCOC liaison, Elizabeth Bejar, PhD, with the responsibility of overseeing and ensuring compliance with QEP requirements throughout the development, implementation, maintenance, and completion of the plan, with support from the director of accreditation. The director of accreditation, Jennifer Doherty-Restrepo, PhD, supervises the faculty QEP director to ensure successful execution of the QEP project plan. Dr. Doherty-Restrepo is responsible for overseeing and finalizing the completion and presentation of annual QEP progress reports to FIU constituencies. Additionally, the director of accreditation will coordinate the submission of the QEP Impact Report for submission to the SACSCOC. 

  • Faculty QEP Co-Chairs

    The FIU SASCOC Leadership Team appointed three faculty QEP Co-Chairs to serve as subject-matter experts supervising the educational content and assessment of student learning outcomes in the three micro-credentials.

    mark-finlayson.jpg Mark Finlayson, PhD, Co-Chair for Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence: How It Works and Its Impact)

    giri_narasimhan-1-1.jpg Giri Narasimhan, PhD, Co-Chair for Data (Thinking and Communicating with Data)

    michael-creeden.jpg Michael Creeden, MFA, Co-Chair for Emotional Intelligence (Understanding Emotional Intelligence).





  • Steering Committee

    The Steering Committee serves under the leadership of the faculty QEP co-chairs. The committee’s purpose is to support and guide the progress of the plan by offering advice, ensuring the successful delivery of the micro-credentials, facilitating the assessment of student learning outcomes, and reviewing annual reports to identify areas for improvement. Committee membership includes faculty representatives from each college and school, and faculty administrators from the Center for the Advancement of Teaching, the Division of Information Technology-Media Support, and the Office of Academic Planning and Accountability-Institutional Effectiveness, and the Office of Micro-Credential.


  • QEP Advisory Board

    The Advisory Board is a voluntary group of students, faculty, and industry partners that offer advice and support to the FIU SACSCOC liaison, director of accreditation, and faculty QEP director. The industry partners serving on the board provide informed guidance on artificial intelligence–, data–, and emotional intelligence–related knowledge, skills, abilities, and values required for graduates to be successful in the 21st-century world of work. The faculty members serving on the board provide advice regarding evidence-based pedagogy to maximize learner attainment of established student learning outcomes and effective strategies to encourage and incentivize faculty engagement in the QEP. Students serving on the board provide insight concerning effective communication strategies for promoting student enrollment, persistence, and completion of micro-credentials. Members of the advisor board are appointed by FIU’s SACSCOC liaison.


    Bridgette Cram, Assistant Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs


    Industry Partners

    Angie Morris, Manager of Student Development and Opportunity Management at MITRE Corporation

    Cat Stolar, Future-ready Skills Lead at Microsoft

    Edgar Ferrer, Senior Account Executive of Florida for Microsoft Education

    Jason Morales, Global Strategy Leader for Data and Artificial Intelligence at Microsoft

    Paul Raun, Vice President and Store Manager at TD Bank


    Amelia Raudales, International Relations Major (Junior); Honors College SGA Senator and Student Ambassador

    Jaquan Starling, Mechanical Engineering Major (Senior); Black Student Union MMC Vice President


    Michael Creeden, Instructor and Associate Chair, Department of English

    Mark Finlayson, Eminent Scholar and Associate Professor, School of Computing Information Sciences

    Giri Narasimhan, Professor, School of Computing Information Sciences; Head, Bioinformatics Research Group



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