Host Your Event

The Graham Center offers a variety of flexible event spaces and meeting rooms to host your special event, featuring state-of-the-art audio-visual and multimedia technology and wireless internet connectivity. Our experienced professional staff is here to assist you with every part of your planning. Elegant, state-of-the-art and affordable space for any occasion is available at the Graham Center.

Events include but are not limited to:

  • Anniversaries
  • Engagements
  • Retirements
  • Baby Showers
  • Graduations
  • Seminars
  • Bridal Showers
  • Weddings

Tables are also available for reservation by registered student organizations and university departments to promote a program, club or organization.

Whether you are coordinating a week-long conference or scheduling a weekly meeting, the GC event planning staff is ready to assist you in organizing any type of event.

Reservations are processed on a first-come, first-served basis and may be arranged in person, by fax, phone, email or online.

The GC staff is also able to reserve meeting spaces in academic buildings for student organizations, after academic classes have been assigned.

Tips for Planning Your Event

  • General Tips

    Start planning your event early.

    Planning is the most crucial and time-consuming aspect of organizing an event. The earlier you start, the more likely you are to secure your preferred venue and event date.

  • Choose your venue
    Check our room capacity chart below to determine the ideal venue for your event according to the number of guests and setup style needed. We provide setup and breakdown of tables, chairs, stage and dance floor. A crew maintains the restrooms and facility throughout your event.
  • Do you need audio-visual equipment?

    If you are doing a presentation, having a panel, or expecting a large attendance, the AV department offers state-of-the-art multimedia equipment.

  • Consider your budget

    Facility rental includes: reserved space, tables, chairs, staging, dance floor, podium, and basic AV equipment. It does NOT include tablecloths. Such arrangements may be done through Panther Dining or other alternate sources.

  • Room Capacity

    Room capacities may vary according to additional setup needs (stage, dance floor, buffet tables, etc.) Maximum capacity limits are listed for each space and will be strictly adhered to, as they are set based on safety standards, fire codes, and accessibility.

    Rooms Theatre / Chevron Standup Reception Conference
    (3 per table)
    (10 per 60 table)
    Board Room U-Shape Hollow
    2,943 square feet
    Limited availability with Senior Director's approval
    Ballroom East
    2,756 square feet
    200 250 75 120 42 48 60
    Ballroom West
    2,093 square feet
    100 150 42 80 42 30 36
    Ballroom Middle
    3,249 square feet
    350 400 120 250 42 60 75
    (Three Bays)
    8,098 square feet
    900 1000 250 500
    (72 and 60 tables)
    Ballroom Lobby
    2,367 square feet
    Faculty Club
    3,365 square feet
    70 90 70 (as is)
    100 (max)
    Faculty Blue Room
    248 square feet
    Faculty Gold Room
    191 square feet
    Forum (Pit)
    759 square feet
    60 200 18 30 18 20
    Panther Suite Dining
    647 square feet
    60 70 36 50 24 24 30
    Panther Suite Lounge
    661 square feet
    40 50 30 30 20 22 30
    Panther Suite Patio
    2,237 square feet
    100 150 80
    GC 1223
    164 square feet
    GC 1235
    400 square feet
    GC 140
    2,582 square feet
    GC 150
    1,937 square feet
    GC 241
    166 square feet
    GC 243
    2,978 square feet
    120 200 60 100 28 38 48
    GC 305
    240 square feet
    40 50 24 30 18 18 24
    GC 314
    502 square feet
    40 50 24 30 24 20 24
    GC 316
    675 square feet
    45 60 30 40 30 24 30
    GC 340
    275 square feet
    GC 343
    345 square feet


Facility Rental Includes: reserved space, tables, chairs, staging, dance floor, and podium. Table cloths provided for welcome tables only. For student organizations and departments, facility rental also includes basic AV equipment.

To confirm a reservation, 1/3 of the total room rental must be submitted within seven working days after a request for space. Pending reservations are held for seven working days at which time a deposit is required. Otherwise, the reservation is cancelled.

Full payment is required 90 calendar days prior to your event date. If rehearsal time is required, it must be scheduled with the Events Office in advance to ensure space availability. The Events Office will assess rehearsal needs and any additional fees.

Cancellations must be requested 90 calendar days prior to the event in order to ensure a deposit refund. A rescheduling fee of $50.00 will be assessed when applicable.

  • Student Rates

    Meeting Space


    Ballrooms (All Bays) $600.00
    Ballrooms (1 Bay) $200.00
    Chapman Plaza N/C*
    Faculty Club $200.00
    With Director's Approval
    Forum (Pit) N/C*
    GC Lawn N/C*
    GC 1223 (Meeting Room) N/C*
    GC 1235 (Conference Room) N/C*
    GC 140 (Theater) $100.00
    GC 150 (SGA Chambers) $75.00
    GC 243 $150.00
    GC 305 N/C*
    GC 314 N/C*
    GC 316 (Career Services) N/C*
    GC 340 (Conference Room) N/C*
    GC 343 (Serenity Room) N/C*
    Panther Suite $150.00

    Faculty Club rate is for room as is. Setup changes will incur a $90.00 setup charge.

    * Fees covered by A&S funding.

    In accordance with SGA policies, Student Government absorbs the room rental costs for student organizations whose event has been approved by SGA. All other associated costs, such as cancellations, audio-visual and no-shows, will be the responsibilities of the student organization. Student organizations may lose privileges to reserve space if penalty is not paid. For further clarification and details, you can obtain a copy of the Student Government Council contract in the Graham Center main office, room 1210.

  • Department Rates

    Meeting Space


    Ballrooms (All Bays) $1,200.00
    Ballrooms (1 bay) $400.00
    Chapman Plaza N/C**
    Faculty Club $400.00
    Faculty Club
    (Blue & Gold rooms)
    Forum (Pit) N/C**
    Fountain Area N/C**
    GC Lawn N/C**
    GC 1223 (Meeting Room) N/C**
    GC 1235 (Conference Room) N/C**
    GC 140 (Theater) $200.00
    GC 150 (SGA Chambers) $150.00
    GC 243 $300.00
    GC 305 N/C**
    GC 314 N/C**
    GC 316 N/C**
    GC 340 (Conference Room) N/C**
    GC 343 (Serenity Room) N/C**
    Panther Suite $300.00

    Faculty Club rate is for room as is. Setup changes will incur a $90.00 setup charge.

    **Fees covered by E&G funding.

  • Public Rates

    Meeting Space

    Weekends Only

    Ballrooms (All Bays) $2,400.00 + tax
    Ballrooms (1 Bay) $800.00 + tax
    Chapman Plaza $500.00 + tax
    Faculty Club $800.00 + tax
    Faculty Club
    (Blue & Gold Rooms)
    Not Available
    Forum (Pit) $500.00 + tax
    Fountain Area $500.00 + tax
    GC Lawn $500.00 + tax
    GC 1223 (Meeting Room) $100.00 + tax
    GC 1235 (Conference Room) $100.00 + tax
    GC 140 (Theater) $400.00 + tax
    With Director's Approval
    GC 150 (SGA Chambers) $300.00 + tax
    With Director's Approval
    GC 243 $600.00 + taxWith Director's Approval
    GC 305 Not Available
    GC 314 Not Available
    GC 316 Not Available
    GC 340 (Conference Room) Not Available
    GC 343 (Serenity Room) Not Available
    Panther Suite $600.00 + tax
    With Director's Approval

    Faculty club rate is for room as is. Setup changes will incur a $90.00 setup charge.

    Saturday and Sunday, GC facilities can be requested by the general public upon availability. Liability insurance may be required.

    General Public must cancel ninety (90) calendar days prior to the event in order to not forfeit deposit. A re-scheduling fee of $50.00 will be assessed when applicable.

    General public events end at 2:00a.m. After 2:00a.m., a fee of $100.00/hour will be assessed.

    For facilities that require Director's Approval, please contact the Graham Center Reservations Office at 305-348-2297.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is authorized to make reservations at the Graham Center?

  • Student Organizations: Reservations must be made by the event chair or by a member of the organization's executive board.
  • Departments: FIU staff and faculty are authorized to make reservations.
  • General Public: Reservation must be made by person in charge of the event and responsible for payment.

How early do I need to reserve space at the Graham Center?

  • Event venues: Rooms are booked on a first-come, first-serve basis, so it is best to reserve the space as soon as you know the date of your event. Annual events may be reserved 2, 3, 4 years in advance.
  • GC meeting rooms: Meeting rooms may be reserved one or two semesters ahead.

What is included when I reserve space?

  • For recognized student organizations and University departments, all furnishings, such as: tables, chairs, stage, and dance floor. Basic AV equipment and services, such as: microphones, podium, screens, projectors, TV/DVD/VCR, DJ system and lighting system, (DJ and lighting systems are extra for University departments). On weekends, there is an additional charge for personnel, and overtime. It does NOT include tablecloths, decorations, plants and other accessories.

May alcohol be served or consumed at my event?

  • GC provides clear guidelines and procedures to ensure that the use of alcohol within our premises is conducted within safe and healthy parameters and in compliance with federal, state, local laws and university regulations.
  • Some requirements and restrictions: Student functions may only offer beer and wine. Event organizers must disclose intent of offering alcohol at the time of reservation. No individual under the legal drinking age of 21 years of age may possess, serve, sell, consume, or distribute alcohol at any Graham Center event/location. Proof of age (valid photo ID) is required. Student functions must use the University's food service contractor. University Departments and the general public will plan with their respective GC event coordinator to ensure guidelines are followed. Graham Center is committed to the responsible use of alcohol by all members of the FIU community and their guests. University departments and general public wishing to sell alcoholic beverages at their event must secure a one-day license.

How can I reserve academic space (classroom) or non-academic space outside GC?

  • Student Organizations: Please contact us at 305-348-2297 or stop by the GC Reservations office.
  • Departments: Please contact Office of Class Management at 305-348-2369.
  • A list of all event policies can be found on the policies and procedures page 

Audio Visual Media

The Graham Center AV Department is available to provide audiovisual equipment and services necessary to meet the needs of special events held in the Graham Center. Requests can be made with the Graham Center main office at the time a room reservation is made. If you're unsure of what you need, an AV administrator will guide and assist you. Please contact us directly at 305-348-3187.

The AV Department typically operates Monday through Friday from 8 am to 9 pm with extended hours of service as required by events. On weekends, AV technicians are available at an hourly rate according to the duration of the event (charges will include equipment setup and breakdown time).


On-Campus Caterer

Planning an event is an exciting, yet overwhelming experience. Panther Catering, FIU's on-campus food and beverage services provider, offers a full event planning service for the success of your event.

Our team of catering professionals will assist you with every detail to meet the individual needs of your group. Providing food is just the beginning. From table arrangements to tents, linens to limousine, Panther Catering can fulfill all your requirements.

For more information or to place an order, contact the Panther Catering Office at GC 1215, 305-348-2187.

Off-Campus Caterer

A list of approved and licensed, non-University caterers is also available at the Graham Center main office, room 1210. Liability insurance and occupational license are required from off-campus caterers.

Use of the ballroom kitchenette is included in the rental fee and is equipped with a walk-in cooler and ice maker. However, the use of the kitchenette is only for food preparation and warming up food. No cooking or frying is allowed on the premises.

Caterers may bring food warmers and are responsible for bringing all items such as linens and utensils. Caterers are responsible for leaving the facility clean.

The loading dock is available for receiving deliveries and for pickups. Short-term parking permits must be secured at the Graham Center main office room GC 1210.

Event Parking

Reserved Parking

Parking is a vital part of your event planning. For the convenience of guests coming for weekend events, the metered parking lot located directly adjacent to the Graham Center (Lot #33) may be reserved with your GC event coordinator. The estimated cost is $448.00 per day (cost will be based on requested signage, staffing and availability).

Parking for Event Sponsors/Vendors

Event sponsors may purchase a parking permit for $3 per day in the Graham Center Office (GC 1210). The parking permit allows you to park in a student or faculty designated space.

Loading/Unloading Parking

A marked catering vehicle will be permitted to remain at the GC loading dock to service your event. Loading/unloading permits are available in the Graham Center Office, room 1210 at no cost, with advance notice. All other vehicles must use the student or faculty designated parking spaces with appropriate parking permits.

For all other parking arrangements not related to special events, please visit FIU Parking and Transportation or call 305-348-3615.


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Building Hours

Monday – Sunday: 07:30 am to 6:30 pm