Lost & Found

Graham Center's Lost & Found is located at the Welcome Center. Items turned into the Welcome Center will be securely stored and logged in our electronic tracking system for 30 days. After 30 days, unclaimed items will be turned over to the FIU's Department of Property Control, disposed of, or recycled.

  • The Welcome Center Lost and Found receives any of the following items, but not limited to: bags, books, bank cards, licenses, FIU I.D.'s, electronics, eyeglasses, jewelry, keys, USB's, wallets, and purses.
  • Items may be turned in by any person that found the item anywhere on campus.
  • We do not accept water bottles, lunch bags, containers, food, clothing, shoes, towels, and face coverings. Other items that pose a sanitary hazard may not be accepted.
  • The Welcome Center may recycle or donate the umbrellas which have not been claimed within 30 days.
  • Licenses, credit cards, wallets, and other items with identifiable information are turned into the Office of the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs. Credit cards that are not claimed within 30 days are destroyed by the Office of the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs.
  • FIU I.D.'s are turned into the FIU One Card Office Monday thru Friday.
  • Persons claiming an item must describe and identify the item.

Umbrella Loaner Program

The Graham Center is proud to offer an Umbrella Loaner Program to students, faculty, staff and visitors to our university. The program is designed to assist our patrons to get to their next destination free of weather elements like rain. Umbrellas are free of charge and can be accessed at the Graham Center Main Office, GC-1210 and at the Welcome Center. They are also available at the Wolfe University Center’s Information Desk. FIU students, faculty, and staff will need their FIU One Card. Please ensure to return the umbrella at your earliest convenience so we may provide the same service to the next guest.

Locker Rentals

The Graham Center has 90 lockers that students may rent on a semester basis for a fee of $15.00 for small lockers and $20.00 for large lockers. All lockers are for individual use and are outfitted with independent combination locks. Lockers are located directly beside the Bustelo Café area in the GC Food Court.

All questions regarding the locker units and rental policy can be addressed to the Graham Center Main Office, GC 1210, or call 305-348-2297.

Notary Services

Notary services are available at the Graham Center Office, GC 1210. In order to process your request, the following are required:

  • Document must be signed in front of a notary. The document cannot be signed in advance.
  • A valid photo identification must be presented to have the signature notarized.
  • The following are acceptable forms of identification:
    • FIU ID
    • U.S. government-issued photo ID (driver's license, U.S. passport, military ID)

Form of payment accepted: Cash or Credit Card

Cost: $5 per notary stamp

Transcripts may not be notarized by this office. Other restrictions apply, and we may be unable to notarize certain documents.

Student Art Gallery

The Graham Center Student Art Gallery, located in the Piano Lounge area, showcases artwork from students, faculty, alumni, and the local community.

The GC Student Art Gallery has hosted a wide range of exhibitions, from the work of Visual Arts scholarship recipients to fundraising art auctions for local non-profit organizations and internationally recognized artists from the Caribbean and South America.

Since opening in 1996, exhibits have celebrated the work of new, as well as renowned artists.

Inspired by our first show - featuring fine artwork from students by FIU's Fine Arts Student Association (FASA) - one of our goals has been to provide unique opportunities for student artists to present their work in a professional setting and acquire first-hand experience in the management of an art gallery.

The GC Student Art Gallery is committed to showcasing contemporary fine art that embodies the magnificence of diverse cultural backgrounds and disciplines.

For more information, contact GC Student Art Gallery via e-mail at



GC 1210


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