Financial Aid

You can use financial aid to partially or fully pay for housing. FIU Housing calculates eligibility for full or partial deferrals of housing charges based on the financial aid and scholarship information on your myFIU account. It is important for you to notify us of any additional funds or scholarships that are not included in your myFIU account as deferrals will be based on those available funds.


  • Paying with Financial Aid

    When including financial aid in your calculations, you need to consider the award letter received from OneStop. The timing of the award letter varies from school to school and could be as early as springtime or as late as before you start school depending on when you apply and the schedule of awarding aid. How much you receive depends on:

    • Cost of attendance
    • Expected Family Contribution (number used to calculate how much financial aid you are eligible to receive based on the information in your FAFSA)
    • Year in school
    • Enrollment status (full time, part-time)

    If you do not have sufficient financial aid to cover your tuition, fees and housing rent, a housing payment plan is REQUIRED to cover your rent. Learn how aid is calculated for more information.

  • Paying with Florida Prepaid College Program Dormitory Plan (FPCP)


    Florida Prepaid is a state administered program managed by the Florida Prepaid College Board. The University Dormitory Plan is only available with the purchase of 2+2 Florida Plan or 1-Year Florida University Plan. It cannot be purchased separately. You can add the University Dormitory Plan to your FPCP during open enrollment. The University Dormitory Plan is a prepaid plan designed to cover a standard, double-occupancy, air-conditioned dormitory room at a state university. The University Dormitory Plan does not cover the cost of any board or meal plans associated with the dormitory room. Learn more about Florida Prepaid.

    In order to use the FPCP to pay for your housing rent, you must have the dormitory plan. If your plan does not include the dormitory portion, it is not eligible for use.

    1. You will be notified via email to your PantherMail address. A link will be provided, prompting you with step by step instructions for you to enter your FPCP dormitory plan account number. FIU Housing will bill the FPCP with your dormitory account based on their approved rates for the unit you requested.
    2. Based on the FPCP's response, FIU Housing will notify via your PantherMail address about your eligibility status and any balance(s) due after disbursement. If your FPCP dormitory plan does not cover your housing rent in full, you are REQUIRED to establish a payment plan for the remaining balance.

    Using FPCP to Pay for Housing

    1. Complete the FIU fall/spring housing agreement at
    2. If you would like to defer your payment, you are required to submit a copy of your Florida Prepaid Card. The copy of the card must be submitted each semester. The deferral is only an estimate. If aid/awards are canceled, reduced or delayed, you are responsible for paying the housing fees from personal resources.
    3. Submit your preferences, including your building preferences.
      • You can request any building preference.
      • The fall 2017 and spring 2018 prepaid housing rates are listed below with the names of the residence hall that have been approved by the Florida Prepaid Board.
    Florida Pre-paid amounts
    Name of Approved Hall Room Type 2018-2019
    Panther Hall* Shared $2650
    Lakeview Hall* Shared $2650
    Lakeview Hall* 4-bedroom Single $2650


    3-bedroom Single $2850
    Parkview Hall* 4-bedroom Single $2850
    University Towers 4-bedroom Single $2850
    University Apartments 2-bedroom Shared $2250
    University Apartments 2-bed Shared Triple $2250
    University Apartments 1-bedroom Shared $2650
    University Apartments  All other room types $2850
    Bayview All room types $2850

    *Actual room rate without required meal membership for first-year students. The default meal membership amount is $1,800 and is included as part of the total room charge. However, it will not be covered by Florida Prepaid amount.

    • If the hall you select has a higher rental rate than the designated Florida Prepaid halls, you will be responsible for paying the difference in price by the rent due date.
    • If you have already contracted for housing with another state university in Florida, Florida Prepaid may have issued your prepayment elsewhere. In this case, you will need to pay the FIU Housing agreement amount and request a refund of your prepayment from the other university's housing department. Your refund will typically be issued directly to you less any corresponding cancellation charge.

    How Will Your Rent Balance Be Paid?
    When your rent is generated, we will request payment directly from Florida Prepaid for the amount they cover.

    If your room's rent is not fully covered by Florida Prepaid, you will be responsible for paying the difference using a payment plan.

    Not Attending FIU?

    If you will not be attending FIU, please notify us as soon as possible. We will refund the prepayment we collected from Florida Prepaid on your behalf directly to you minus the cancellation charge indicated in the terms and conditions of the FIU housing agreement.  The $100.00 processing fee is non-refundable.

    If you want to use your Florida Prepaid Housing Plan at another state university in Florida (i.e. UF, UCF, USF):

    • Indicate that you have the Florida Prepaid Housing Plan when completing your housing contract with the other university's housing office.
    • Since you already used your prepayment to pay the FIU housing prepayment, you will need to submit whatever housing prepayment they require out-of-pocket. 


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