Residence Hall Association

  • History of the FIU Residence Hall Association

    Established at Florida International University, the Residence Hall Association is a member of the South Atlantic Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls (SAACURH), a regional body of student leaders within the National Association of College and University Residence Halls, Inc. (NACURH). It was created to serve as a voice for the diverse population of residents living on campus at FIU and make their on-campus living experiences a memorable one.

    RHA strives to promote student development and student involvement; provide a means for improving the physical, educational, social and cultural standards of living in the residence halls; create passive and active programs allowing the residents to educate themselves as well as socialize; and to improve the living community on campus.

    RHA has worked hard at creating strong partnerships with organizations and departments across campus to increase engagement and school spirit amongst residential students. Partners include:

    • Student Government Association
    • Black Student Union
    • Student Programming Council
    • National Residence Hall Honorary
    • Multicultural Greek Council
    • Zeta Beta Tau
    • Iota Phi Theta
    • Women’s Center
    • CAPS
    • Office of Residential Life
    • Housing Office 
  • RHA Association Involvement

    The National Association of College and University Residence Halls, Inc. (NACURH) was founded in 1954. NACURH was formed as a result of feeling that such an organization was needed to encourage the exchange of ideas and information. The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is a leadership organization within NACURH. NACURH coordinates communication among RHAs across the nation and hosts a national conference and local conferences through regional subsidiaries. Affiliated RHAs have one member who serves as a National Communications Coordinator (NCC), responsible for communication with the regional and national associations as well as other RHAs. Many Residence Hall Associations were created at campuses across the nation in the early 20th century making RHA the largest student-run organization of its kind.

  • Membership

    Living on campus grants automatic membership to the Residence Hall Association. Elections are held every Spring Semester to become a member of the RHA Executive Board for the following academic year.

    If a resident is interested in becoming more involved within their hall, they can join the Hall Council of the residential area they live in. Hall Council is a branch of RHA within each residential area. For more information on Hall Council contact the Assistant Residence Life Coordinator (ARLC) of your residential area.
  • 2017 - 2018 Executive Board

    President – Arthur Isaacs

    Chief of Staff – Srishti Jaiswal

    Secretary Nadia Rami

    Treasurer – Sahil Kalra

    Vice President of Programming – OPEN (Contact RHA at for details about this position!)

    Collaborations Chair – OPEN (Contact RHA at for details about this position!)

    Director of Public Relations – Porsha Jenkins

    National Communications Coordinator – Snigdha Baweja

    Senior Advisor – Steven Sweat

  • General Assembly

    The RHA General Assembly is the governing body within the organization that assists in the programmatic and student advocacy efforts within Residential Life. This body of residents, known as General Assembly Representatives, are elected to serve as an avenue of discussion, development, and progress. The elected members and the initiatives that they choose to pursue, on behalf of the residents, are aimed at improving the on-campus experience for all FIU residents. Specifically, these students advocate for your needs and concerns by discussing and passing legislation, allocating funds to projects, working with other student organizations and are also the direct liaison between their Hall/Community Council and RHA.

  • Past Programs

    Amateur Stroll Off - Collaboration with Iota Phi Theta; residents are provided with an opportunity to join teams and compete in strolling, or self-choreographed dance or step performances. This program is complete with a DJ and lots of food and drinks.

    Make Love not War - Collaboration with the Multicultural Greek Council; residents had the opportunity to write Valentine's Day letters to veterans, while eating ice cream sundaes.

    Movie on the Lawn “The Help” - Collaboration with the Student Programming Council (SPC); hosted a movie night viewing of "The Help" in celebration of Black History Month.

    Pass Your Finals or Nah Week - A weeklong event aiming at motivate residents to study for finals and pass with higher grades. Daily activities took place that were accompanied with giveaways, candy and positive encouragement.

    Rock the Vote - Collaboration with the Student Government Association; Hall Councils motivated residents to use their right and vote while providing different voting booth activities.

    Sock Drive - Collaboration with Zeta Beta Tau; week-long sock drive in residence halls.

    Super Bowl Party - Collaboration with Iota Phi Theta; provides residents with the opportunity to socialize with friends and other FIU students while watching the Big Game!

    Week of Welcome "Splash" -  Pool party for residents accompanied with music, food and giveaways.



  • Contact & Follow Us

    RHA is located within the Residential Life Leadership Suite in Everglades Hall 130.

    If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please contact RHA at

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    Instagram: @FIU_RHA

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