Sustainable Living

Sustainability can be interpreted and defined in many different ways. Different sources define the word sustainability as the capacity or ability to endure; durability; permanence.

The World Commission on Environment and Development defines sustainability as “meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” (1987)

  • How Can You Lead a Sustainable Lifestyle?
    Living a sustainable lifestyle is easy! Here are some ideas to get you started in our residence hall communities:
    • Replace inefficient lightbulbs in your lamps with more efficient ad energy-saving bulbs.

    • Turn off all lights when you leave the room.

    • Or – even better – use a power strip and flip the strip off when you leave the room.

    • Clean using products with non-toxic ingredients 

    • Try participating in Meatless Monday 

    • Visit a local Farmer’s Market (there is one on campus every Wednesday!)

    • Shop at environmentally sustainable businesses.

    • Ask your RA to request a recycle bag for your suite! At FIU, you can recycle:

      • Plastic bottles

      • Glass bottles and jars

      • Aluminum, steel & tin cans

      • Newspaper & magazines

      • Office & School paper

      • Paperboard (cereal & snack boxes)

      • Cardboard

  • Why Practice Sustainability in the Residence Halls?
    • It saves energy and energy costs it takes to grow, harvest, or manufacture products.

    • It conserves natural resources such as water, soil, metals, fuels, and forests.

    • It helps protect the environment by minimizing the introduction of harmful substances into waterways and waste streams.

    • It keeps fees and costs to students lower due to reduction in water and electricity.

  • Residence Hall Recycling Program

    Recycling bags are provided to all residents when they check into their residence hall. We hope that by providing these bags it will make it easier for our residents to recycle every single day!


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