Honors College at Parkview Hall

Honors College at Parkview Hall is a community featuring fully furnished  4-bedroom/2-bathroom apartments. Honors College At Parkview Hall is home to 596 first-year and upper-class honors students and 15 resident assistants.   


  • Full kitchen
  • Living room
  • Laundry room on 2nd floor
  • Full mattress (size 54 x 80 x 6)
  • Shared bathrooms

Floor Plans


FIU celebrates outstanding students at annual award ceremony

Published researchers, disability advocates and passionate leaders are all among FIU’s best and brightest.

Live in The Honors Hall

Open spaces and lots of light make make The Honors Hall a favorite. Make it your home.Apply for Housing


The Honors Hall
1599 SW 113 Avenue
Miami, FL 33174