University Towers

University Towers is an apartment building housing mostly upper-class students. It is home to 481 residents and 10 resident assistants. Students may choose to live in a Living & Learning Community focused on wellness.


  • Shared or private bathroom
  • Full kitchen
  • Living rooms (2 and 4 bedroom units)
  • Laundry room on 1st floor
  • Full mattress (size 54 x 80 x 6)

Hall Information

  • University Towers



    Type of Hall

    Apartment Style

    Room Types

    2 Bedroom Private (1 per room)

    4 Bedroom Private (1 per room)

    Studio (1 per room) Limited

    Room Dimensions

    2 Bedroom Private (168 x 108)

    4 Bedroom Private (135 x 106)

    Studio (229 x 133)

    Number of Residents


    Meal Plan

    Meal Plan Options

    Laundry Facility

    First Floor




    Full Kitchen* In Unit


    Wifi, Cable & Online TV

    Air Conditioned



    Per Resident: Full mattress, closet, desk, chair, dresser, bookshelf 

    Per Unit: Full kitchen*, Full bathrooms, Living Room***

    Furnishing Dimensions

    Dresser: 36 x 24 x 29

    Desk: 42 x 24 x 29

    Bookshelf: 24 x 133 x 29

    Bed Size

    Full mattress (size 54 x 80 x 6)

    Half Kitchen* - stove, common sink, cabinets, refrigerator, table, chairs

    Full Bathroom** - bath sink, mirror, toilet, shower, shower curtains 

    Note: 4 Bedroom Private (2 Full Bathrooms)

    Living Room*** - Dining table, chairs

    Dimensions may vary.

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  • Hall Contacts
    Residence Life Coordinator
    University Towers
    Zach Kaiser
    Assistant Residence Life Coordinator

    University Towers
    Miracle McKinon

Floor Plans


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University Towers
11150 SW 14th Street
Miami, FL 33174