Leadership and Staff

The Office of Orientation and Family Programs serves everyone who walks through the doors of the university, and in particular, our new students and their family members. The staff and leadership are dedicated to easing the transition into FIU and hope to infuse the Panther spirit into this community through each of our programs.

  • Staff
    • Korrin Anderson
      Korrin Anderson, Director

    • Vacant, Associate Director
    • Alina Quintana
      Alina Quintana, Assistant Director
    • Albert Perera
      Albert Perera, Assistant Director
    • Vanessa Franco
      Vanessa Franco, Assistant Director
    • David Felix
      David Felix, Office Coordinator
    • Jacob Germann
      Jacob Germann, Graduate Assistant
  • Student Assistants
    • Cathy Almeciga
      Cathy Almeciga
    • Sofia Aviles
      Sofia Aviles
    • Melyssa Douillard
      Melyssa Douillard
    • Alex Gutierrez
      Alex Gutierrez
    • Gabby Torres
      Gabby Torres
    • Haley Maxwell
      Pawin Wittayanukorn
  • 2019 Peer Advisors

    Each year a group of enthusiastic and responsible FIU students are selected to become Orientation Peer Advisors. These special students are trained to assist with all new student orientation programs throughout the year as well as other programs for new students and their families. In this capacity, they serve as resources for new students and their parents, they assist FIU staff with planning and implementation of the programs, and they are viewed as student leaders among the University community.

    • Karla Sofia Perez
      Karla Sofia Perez, Peer Advisor Coordinator
    • Rafael Vazquez
      Rafael Vazquez, Peer Advisor Coordinator
    • Natalia Alzate
      Natalia Alzate
    • Elizabeth Aragon
      Elizabeth Aragon
    • Rafael Barata
      Rafael Barata
    • Sebastian Blanco
      Sebastian Blanco
    • Darline Cadet
      Darline Cadet
    • Zoe Davy
      Zoe Davy
    • Danielle Desvariste
      Danielle Desvariste
    • Melyssa Douillard
      Melyssa Douillard
    • Zaida Duvers
      Zaida Duvers
    • Crystal Escobar-Sanchez
      Crystal Escobar-Sanchez
    • Jacob Garcia
      Jacob Garcia
    • Gio Garcia
      Gio Garcia
    • Xiomara Garcia
      Xiomara Garcia
    • Darryl Gouldbourne
      Darryl Gouldbourne
    • Lauren Hongamen
      Lauren Hongamen
    • Nimechi Ikelchi-uko
      Nimechi Ikelchi-uko
    • Kelley Ipiales
      Kelly Ipiales
    • Louie Jancevski
      Louie Jancevski
    • Shereen Lajeune
      Shereen Lajeune
    • Teandra Nelson
      Teandra Nelson
    • Ashley Nunez
      Ashley Nunez
    • Donatella Nunez
      Donatella Nunez
    • Angelo Oliveri
      Angelo Oliveri
    • Dynesti Otero
      Dynesti Otero
    • Tiffany Parra
      Tiffany Parra
    • Kelly Perez
      Kelly Perez
    • Rey Rocha
      Rey Rocha
    • Daniela Rodriguez
      Daniela Rodriguez
    • Brandon Rojas
      Brandon Rojas
    • Nicole Sandoval
      Nicole Sandoval
    • Myles Solomon
      Myles Solomon
    • Rahsaan Taffe
      Rahsaan Taffe
    • Danny Tremont
      Danny Tremont
    • Malaika Vaz
      Malaika Vaz
    • Genecia Williamson
      Genecia Williamson
    • Pawin Wittayanukorn
      Pawin Wittayanukorn
  • 2019 Panther Camp Team

    Panther Camp is coordinated by a select group of students known as the Panther Camp Facilitators. Facilitators are selected out of hundreds of applicants to represent the program and are charged with creating a once-in-a-lifetime experience for participants. Facilitators are involved in all aspects of the camp planning process, from creating programming session and large-group activities to leading small group conversations.

    After Panther Camp Facilitators have completed a year with the program they are eligible to apply for the Panther Camp Executive Board. Panther Camp Exec is composed of 8 past-Facilitators who return to take on more responsibilities within the program. Exec members are responsible for heading up committees and helping the Facilitators to create the Panther Camp Magic.

    Both groups are positive representatives of Florida International University and the Panther Camp program. These student leaders build meaningful relationships, serve as mentors and role models, inspire a new class of Golden Panthers and encourage students to "Leave their legacy with P.R.I.D.E."

    • Cameron Moody
      Cameron Moody, Executive Director
    • Carla Avila
      Carla Avila, Director of Operations
    • Sofi Aviles
      Sofi Aviles, Director of Sponsorship
    • Jensy Matute
      Jensy Matute, Director of Recruitment
    • Stella Ramirez
      Stella Ramirez, Director of Marketing
    • Danny Rodriguez
      Danny Rodriguez, Director of Activities & Traditions
    • Amin Saleh
      Amin Saleh, Director of Recruitment
    • Frank Villa
      Frank Villa, Director of Programming
    • Ricky Bohorques
      Ricky Bohorques
    • Mandy Chavez
      Mandy Chavez
    • Aileen Chong
      Aileen Chong
    • Franklin Cruz
      Franklin Cruz
    • Nick Czerwinski
      Nick Czerwinski
    • Marissa Diaz
      Marissa Diaz
    • Nicolas Echeverry
      Nicolas Echeverry
    • Gabe Fernandez
      Gabe Fernandez
    • Emily Fornaris
      Emily Fornaris
    • Desiree Gonzalez
      Desiree Gonzalez
    • Casity Jackson
      Casity Jackson
    • Alex Jean-Lestin
      Alex Jean-Lestin
    • Bri Jimenez
      Bri Jimenez
    • Farris King
      Farris King
    • Emanuel Lopez
      Emanuel Lopez
    • Geraldo Marcelin
      Geraldo Marcelin
    • Cami Martinez
      Cami Martinez
    • JJ Maya
      JJ Maya
    • Brandon McCormack
      Brandon McCormack
    • Janelly Michel
      Janelly Michel
    • Maia Neves
      Maia Neves
    • Ana Olivares
      Ana Olivares
    • Alicia Ordacowski
      Alicia Ordacowski
    • Marianne Ostos
      Marianne Ostos
    • Johanna Ramb
      Johanna Ramb
    • Christian Ramos
      Christian Ramos
    • Carlos Rivero
      Carlos Rivero
    • Laura Sardinas
      Laura Sardinas
    • Lucia Scarsi
      Lucia Scarsi
    • Ricky Somarriba
      Ricky Somarriba
    • Ana Valentin
      Ana Valentin
    • Monica Valeriano
      Monica Valeriano
    • Cami Valle
      Cami Valle
    • Santi Velez
      Santi Velez
    • Larry Zapata Jr.
      Larry Zapata Jr.

Interested in being a Peer Advisor or Panther Camp Facilitator?

The selection process to become a Panther Camp Facilitator or Peer Advisor consists of multiple stages:

  1. Information Session – All candidates for both positions must attend a mandatory, one-hour information session. Information sessions typically start in October, and further dates, times and locations are will be provided in the interest packets linked below when available.
  2. Application - Applications will open on PantherConnect in October and are typically open for about a month. This application must be completed in full.
  3. Selection Workshop - This is a hands-on group interview portion of our selection process. Candidates will be assigned to specific sessions based on the availability indicated in their applications.
  4. Interview – Finalists will be notified after the posting of Fall grades if they've been selected to move on to the interview stage which will take place between December and January. 
  5. Reveal - Teams are announced in the GC Pit and WUC Panther Square during the first week of classes in the spring semester.

Pay attention to our social media for updates about when recruitment and selection will open for the next year. If you have any questions, please stop by our office (GC 189 or WUC 129) or call 305-348-6414.

2019 Orientation Involvement and Resource Fairs

With orientation season around the corner, it is time to sign up for the Involvement and Resource Fairs! If you are a current FIU registered student organization or an FIU department/office that would like to participate, please visit the links below to register.

MMC Transfer Orientation Resource/Involvement Fairs (Both)

BBC Transfer Orientation Resource/Involvement Fairs (Both)

MMC Freshman Orientation Involvement Fairs (Student Clubs/Organizations)

MMC Freshman Orientation Resource Fairs (Departments/Offices)

BBC Freshman Orientation Involvement Fair (Student Clubs/Organizations)

BBC Freshman Orientation Resource Fair (Departments/Offices)

i-75 Transfer Orientation Resource/Involvement Fair (Both)


Orientation and Family Programs
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