Leadership and Staff

The Office of Orientation and Parent Programs strives to best serve everyone who walks through the doors of the university, and in particular, our new students and their parents and family members. The staff and leadership are dedicated to easing the transition into FIU and hope to infuse the Panther spirit into this community through each of our programs.

Interested in being a Peer Advisor or Panther Camp Facilitator?

Applications for 2019 Peer Advisors and Panther Camp Facilitators will open in October 2018. Please check back for more information!

The selection process to become a Panther Camp Facilitator or Peer Advisor consists of multiple stages:

  1. Information Session – All candidates for both positions must attend a mandatory, one-hour information session. Information sessions begin on October 23, and further dates, times, and locations are provided in the interest packets linked above.
  2. Application - Complete the application.
  3. Selection Workshop - This is a hands-on group interview portion of our selection process. Candidates will be assigned to specific sessions based on the availability indicated in their applications.
  4. Recommendations (PA Applicants Only) - One recommendation form will be considered per Peer Advisor candidate, but a recommendation form is not required.
  5. Interview – Finalists will be notified after the posting of Fall grades if they've been selected to move on to the interview stage which will take place between January 2019. 

If you have any questions, please stop by our office (GC 189 or WUC 257) or call 305-348-6414.

  • Staff
    • Korrin Anderson
      Korrin Anderson, Director
    • Marc Mobley
      Marc Mobley, Associate Director
    • Alina Quintana
      Alina Quintana, Assistant Director
    • Chelonda Walker
      Chelonda Walker, Office Coordinator
    • Bervelie Mitil
      Bervelie Mitil, Graduate Assistant
    • Jacob Germann
      Jacob Germann, Graduate Assistant
    • Renae Bollibon
      Renae Bollibon, Graduate Intern
  • Student Assistants
    • Cathy Almeciga
      Cathy Almeciga
    • Alex Gutierrez
      Anthony Bolcato
    • Kaila Jospitre
      Kaila Jospitre
    • Haley Maxwell
      Haley Maxwell
    • Christie Olivier
      Christie Olivier
    • Enrique Rosell
      Enrique Rosell
  • 2018 Peer Advisors

    Each year a group of enthusiastic and responsible FIU students are selected to become Orientation Peer Advisors. These special students are trained to assist with all new student orientation programs throughout the year as well as other programs for new students and their families. In this capacity, they serve as resources for new students and their parents, they assist FIU staff with planning and implementation of the programs, and they are viewed as student leaders among the University community.

    • A'mani Taylor
      A'mani Taylor, Peer Advisor Coordinator


    • Tere Amado
      Tere Amado
    • Dros Anckle
      Dros Anckle
    • Stacy Barthe
      Stacy Barthe
    • Stephanie Bird
      Stephanie Bird
    • Maria Cadet
      Maria Cadet
    • Jessica Camacho
      Jessica Camacho
    • Cristian Cruz
      Cristian Cruz
    • Fabiola Dacius
      Fabiola Dacius
    • Aisa Fleites
      Aisa Fleites
    • Amy Gonzalez
      Amy Gonzalez
    • Dominique Hickson
      Dominique Hickson
    • Emily Jarrell
      Emily Jarrell
    • Johnny Jean
      Johnny Jean
    • Kelvin Kirkland
      Kelvin Kirkland
    • Isabel Lamas
      Isabel Lamas
    • Rachel Lewis
      Rachel Lewis
    • Julian Mazariegos
      Julian Mazariegos
    • Madalyn Medrano
      Madalyn Medrano
    • Karla Sofia Perez
      Karla Sofia Perez
    • Amanda Piedra
      Amanda Piedra
    • Gabriela Ponce
      Gabriela Ponce
    • Jazmin Salcedo
      Jazmin Salcedo
    • Nairoby Sandoval
      Nairoby Sandoval
    • Kassandra Sanz
      Kassandra Sanz
    • Anna Stewart
      Anna Stewart
    • Heidi Torres
      Heidi Valdes
    • Rafael Vazquez
      Rafael Vazquez
    • Shanielle Waugh
      Shanielle Waugh
    • Lay Wiles
      Lay Wiles
    • Benny Williams
      Benny Williams
  • 2018 Panther Camp Team

    Panther Camp is coordinated by a select group of students known as the Panther Camp Facilitators. Facilitators are selected out of hundreds of applicants to represent the program and are charged with creating a once-in-a-lifetime experience for participants. Facilitators are involved in all aspects of the camp planning process, from creating programming session and large-group activities to leading small group conversations.

    After Panther Camp Facilitators have completed a year with the program they are eligible to apply for the Panther Camp Executive Board. Panther Camp Exec is composed of 8 past-Facilitators who return to take on more responsibilities within the program. Exec members are responsible for heading up committees and helping the Facilitators to create the Panther Camp Magic.

    Both groups are positive representatives of Florida International University and the Panther Camp program. These student leaders build meaningful relationships, serve as mentors and role models, inspire a new class of Golden Panthers and encourage students to "Leave their legacy with P.R.I.D.E."

    • Nelson Barahona
      Nelson Barahona, Director of Acitivites & Traditions
    • Alex Gutierrez
      Alex Gutierrez, Director of Marketing
    • Katerina Bello
      Katerina Bello, Director of Operations
    • Shira Zeller
      Shira Zeller, Director of Programming
    • Carly Cisson
      Carly Cisson, Director of Recruitment
    • Vane Crisman
      Vane Crisman, Director of Recruitment
    • Cameron Moody
      Cameron Moody, Director of Sponsorship


    • Marvin Angel
      Marvin Angel
    • Carla Avila
      Carla Avila
    • Sofi Aviles
      Sofi Aviles
    • Rikki Barrios
      Rikki Barrios
    • Gaby Bello-Berkacz
      Gaby Bello-Derkacz
    • Chelsi Billingsley
      Chelsi Billingsley
    • Angela Cabrera
      Angela Cabrera
    • Sebastian Cajamarca
      Sebastian Cajamarca
    • Mari Caranci
      Mari Caranci
    • Erick Castro
      Erick Castro
    • Danny Colome
      Danny Colome
    • Savannah Dozier
      Savannah Dozier
    • Rebecca Farinas
      Rebecca Farinas
    • Caro Gonzalez
      Caro Gonzalez
    • Alex Hanks
      Alex Hanks
    • Chris Hernandez
      Chris Hernandez
    • Maylay Lightsey
      Maylay Lightsey
    • Brandon Masa
      Brandon Masa
    • Jensy Matute
      Jensy Matute
    • Jissell Muir
      Jissell Muir
    • Nicole Patrick
      Nicole Patrick
    • Laura Perez
      Laura Perez
    • Stella Ramirez
      Stella Ramirez
    • Danny Rodriguez
      Danny Rodriguez
    • Gisela Rosende
      Gisela Rosende
    • Jonathan Sabag
      Jonathan Sabag
    • Amin Saleh
      Amin Saleh
    • Julian Sanchez
      Julian Sanchez
    • Mateo Scotti
      Mateo Scotti
    • Megan Sheesley
      Megan Sheesley
    • Sabine Streit
      Sabine Streit
    • Victoria Teske
      Victoria Teske
    • Gabby Torres
      Gabby Torres
    • Gerald Torres
      Gerald Torres
    • Juan Vega
      Juan Vega
    • Frank Villa
      Frank Villa
    • Jessica Wheeler
      Jessica Wheeler

Freshman Orientation Resource & Involvement Fairs

Involvement Fair

The Freshman Orientation Involvement Fair is your organization’s chance to introduce incoming students to your involvement opportunities. This opportunity is limited to student groups and organizations and will take place during Freshman Orientation at both MMC and BBC.

Resource Fair

The Orientation Resource Fair is your office/department’s chance to introduce incoming students to your services, resources, and programs. This opportunity is limited to university offices and departments and will take place during Freshman Orientation at both MMC and BBC.


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