Panther Camp

The Panther Camp mission is to provide incoming FIU students with the opportunity to transition to FIU in an exciting and engaging manner. The program focuses on assisting new students in building relationships with other FIU students, fostering school spirit, cultivating future student leaders and helping students learn about FIU's traditions and unique culture.

What is Panther Camp?

Panther Camp is a great way for you to meet other new students before you start your FIU experience. If you enjoy having fun, meeting exciting people and love to take advantage of a great opportunity then Panther Camp is for you!

Camp Information

  • What can I expect at camp?
    • Meet up to 300 other new students in large and small group settings
    • Meet FIU faculty, staff, and student leaders
    • Participate in fun activities and team builders
    • Learn tips and tricks on how to be a successful student
    • Learn about FIU traditions
    • Learn how to take advantage of opportunities available to you as a FIU student
    • Learn leadership skills and the leadership opportunities for you on campus
    • Learn how to make the most of your college experience
    • Become a part of a proud FIU tradition
    • Have FUN!
  • Where is Panther Camp?
    Panther Camp takes place at Lake Placid Camp and Conference Center in Lake Placid, FL. Accommodations are air conditioned, with bunk-bed style sleeping quarters. All cabins are carpeted and have indoor plumbing.
  • Guide to Panther Camp
    • Please keep in mind that registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no deadline.
    • We encourage you to attend Panther Camp after you've attended your Orientation, when possible. During the summer, sessions are specified for freshman or transfer students, while our spring session is for both combined.
    • The camps are designed for students based on their admission status. In summer, three of the camps are for Freshmen students and one is for Transfer students. In spring, the one session offered is for both freshmen and transfers. Please make sure you sign up for the correct session.
    • Panther Camp takes place at Lake Placid Camp and Conference Center in Lake Placid, FL. Accommodations are air conditioned, with bunk-bed style sleeping quarters. All cabins are carpeted and have indoor plumbing.
    • Our air-conditioned bus will take you there- we will leave the first day of camp from the Modesto A. Maidique Campus.
    • Males and females are separated into different cabins
    • Parents are not allowed. Panther Camp is a getaway retreat for new students only. We encourage parents to attend our annual Parent & Family Day, which takes place during the fall semester.
    • If you are not an incoming student but still want to get involved in Panther Camp on a leadership level, please see our Panther Camp Leadership page.

Scholarship Opportunities

FIU Panther Camp is dedicated to providing incoming students with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to transition to FIU in a unique way. All efforts are made to ensure that participants pay as little as possible to attend Panther Camp. Those in need of financial assistance to attend Panther Camp can apply for one of our scholarship programs listed below.

Panther Camp Scholarship Fund

Throughout the academic year the Panther Camp Team raises funds for the Panther Camp Scholarship Fund. These funds are raised to help defer the cost of Panther Camp for students with financial need. Recipients will receive a $50.00 scholarship, which will reduce the $90.00 registration fee. The recipients of the scholarship are responsible for the $40.00 difference in the cost of registration. Recipients are selected solely based on expressed need, not on merit. All scholarships are awarded on a first come, first served basis. Panther Camp does not offer a waiver of registration cost or full scholarships.

Those interested in applying for the Panther Camp Scholarship should complete the application, which will be available below once registration opens for 2018. Return the application, required essay (explained on the application), and the $40 discounted registration fee to the Orientation and Parent Programs Office. Applications are not accepted online and will not be accepted without all requirements.

Robillard Scholarship Program

2018 Robillard Scholarship Applications will open in February 2018

The Robillard Scholarship will allow 10-12 students each year to have the full registration cost of Panther Camp covered by completing the requirements of the program. Robillard Scholars will be selected to participate in a cohort experience which includes attending Panther Camp, participating in one post-camp involvement opportunity, and attending a final meeting at the end of the fall semester. The Robillard Scholarship will cover the full cost of Panther Camp, your selected follow-up involvement opportunity, and the end-of-the-semester meeting. Participants selected for the Robillard Scholarship who fail to fulfill all requirements will be required to reimburse Panther Camp in full for participation in the Panther Camp program ($90).

Application Process

Students interested in participating in the Robillard Scholarship will be required to complete an online application form.

Financial Coverage/Responsibility

Participants will need to register themselves for camp by coming to the Office of Orientation and Parent Programs (GC 189). Robillard Scholars will also receive funding to cover the cost of their involvement in one of our approved follow-up opportunities. Participants will be able to choose from a list of pre-approved involvement opportunities or submit a request to recognize an additional opportunity. Participants who fail to complete an additional, approved involvement opportunity (after camp) will be responsible for repaying the entire cost of Panther Camp, the entire cost of the additional involvement, and any other cost associated with the program.

Additional Requirements

Robillard Scholars are also required to attend a participant luncheon/end-of-the-semester meeting which will take place in December. All requirements for the Robillard Scholarship must be completed by the end of the Fall semester.

Panther Camp Alumni Council

Panther Camp and FIU Orientation and Parent Programs is excited to announce a new leadership opportunity within the Panther Camp program. We are looking for a group of motivated and energetic applicants to serve as the Panther Camp Alumni Council. This group will be made up of past participants of Panther Camp and will focus on creating opportunities to engage with Panther Camp Alumni. The Council will be comprised of current students as well as FIU Alumni affiliated with the program.

Mr. & Miss Panther Camp

Every year, Panther Camp selects two program alumni to serve as Mr. & Miss Panther Camp.  These alumni serve as representatives of the Panther Camp program and help to raise funds for the Panther Camp Scholarship Fund. Mr. & Miss Panther Camp are selected during our annual Panther Camp Scholarship Week, which typically takes place in April. To be eligible to run for either position, you must have attended Panther Camp in some capacity, be a currently enrolled student, complete the required application and interview, and actively participate in all Panther Camp Scholarship Week events.



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