Meet The Staff


  • Dr. Kerrie Montgomery, Director

    Director of Campus Life: Kerrie Montgomery


    Kerrie joined the Department of Campus Life at BBC as its Director in July 2015 after having spent her nearly 20 year career working at the University of Florida, FIU (MMC), and the University of Denver. She has experience as an Academic Advisor, Study Abroad Advisor, and Student Organization/Events Advisor. Kerrie earned a B.A. in Classical Studies, an M.A. in Art History, and an M.Ed. in Student Personnel in Higher Education at the University of Florida, as well as a Ph.D. in Higher Education at the University of Denver. She is very interested in international student issues and helping ALL students to reach their personal and career goals, and make the most of their college experience – both inside and outside the classroom.

  • Shontae K. White, Student Engagement Manager

    Shontae White

    Shontae joins Campus Life at BBC as its Student Engagement Manger. During the last 16 years he has worked at Florida Atlantic University, University of Florida, University of Connecticut and the University of the Arts.  His career has allowed him to gain experience in Greek Life, Orientation, Commencement, Student Media, Student Government Advising, Campus Events, Concert Production, Contracts and Student Organizations . Shontae is a graduate of Temple University with a BA in Theater and still continues to be involved in theatrical productions. He is very active and a proud brother of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., where he serves as the Director of Conventions for the Southern Region and Florida. 

  • Ivy Siegel Mack, Assistant Director

    Director of Campus Life: Kerrie Montgomery

    Ivy is the Assistant Director for Campus Life and is responsible for the advising of the Student Organizations Council, Panther Power and Signature Events (Welcome Weeks, Luau, Release Weeks and Lattes) since 2006. Ivy received her BS degree from the University of Florida and received her Masters degree in Higher Education from FIU. She enjoys traveling and spending time with her husband and her new baby girl.

  • Yselande Pierre, Assistant Director


    Yselande is a graduate of FIU with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree and Masters of Science-Higher Education Administration. She serves as the Student Programming Council advisor overseeing planned events for the entire Biscayne Bay Campus body. She prides herself in having a certification in African New World Studies and is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.

  • Larissa Adames, Assistant Director

    Director of Campus Life: Kerrie Montgomery

    Larissa is SGA Coordinator/SGA Advisor for Campus Life at BBC. She graduated from FIU with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in Higher Education Administration. She is directly supervises and advises SGA BBC and is  responsible for the day to day activities for SGA.

  • Colette Harrington, Programming Assistant

    Colette M. Harrington

    Colette is the Program Assistant for Campus Life at BBC. She was born and raised in The Bahamas and graduated from FIU with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications (Public Relations) with a concentration in Special Events and a Master’s Degree in Hospitality Management. She is responsible for “late night” programming and will serve as the advisor for the impending Housing Council at FIU BBC. She is happily married with one son and the proud member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated.

Marketing and Communications

  • Andres Bermeo Sierra, Account Manager

    Andres Bermeo Sierra

    Fellow FIU graduate, Andres Bermeo, provides strategic leadership in developing and implementing a comprehensive marketing plan for the department of Campus Life at the Biscayne Bay Campus. From monthly calendars to promotional booklets, banners and brochures, Bermeo oversees all publication efforts done by the department. He is also in-charge of managing the department's PR by creating relations with external media outlets, and by serving as a liaison with FIU’s External Relations. Andres has a Master's Degree of Science in Communication and possesses a strong affinity for graphic design. 

  • Roberto Sandoval, Web Designer II
    Roberto Sandoval
    Roberto Sandoval is the Webmaster/IT Coordinator for the Office of Campus Life at BBC since 2012. He is an FIU graduate from Management Information System. He previously was the webmaster for the Environmental Health & Safety department at FIU. He has intense interest in video and photography which applies to document Campus Life events and SGA lectures. 
  • Carina Vo, Graphic Artist Assistant

    Bio Coming Soon.

  • Jessica Martinez , Graphic Artist Assistant

    Current Major: Digital Arts
    Class/Year in School: Junior
    Hometown: Miami, FL
    Languages I speak: English & Spanish
    My favorite thing about working in Campus Life is: the collaborative team I work with.
    In my free-time I like to… plan my next trip, write poetry, and hang out with friends/family.

Front Office

Graduate Assistants

  • Kaila Jospitre, SGA


    Current Academic Program: Higher Education 
    Class/Year in School: Graduate Student Undergraduate
    Institution/Major: Business Administration
    Hometown: Miami, FL Languages I speak: English & Creole
    I’m excited to work in Campus Life BBC because: Campus Life allows students to get involved in an organization or council that has the opportunity to enhance the student life experience and gives students the opportunity to inspire others to do the same.
    In my free-time I like to: Do photography/

  • Drew Buford, Panther Power

     Drew Buford

    Current Academic Program: Higher Education Administration 
    Class/Year in school: 2018/Graduate student  
    Undergraduate Institution/Major: Bowling Green State University / Human Development Family Studies
    Hometown: Delaware, OH
    free time I speak: English
    Im excited to work in Campus Life BBC because: It will give me the opportunity to work with a diverse student population from all over. 
    In my free time I like to: Roller skate, write poetry and explore new cities

  • Phalancia Louisy, SPC


    Current Academic Program: Higher Education Administration
    Class/Year in School: First year student
    Undergraduate Institution/Major: FIU/English Literature
    Hometown: Miami
    Languages I speak: Creole
    I’m excited to work in Campus Life BBC because: I was a very involved student in undergrad, so I’m looking forward to seeing the administrative side of student affairs.
    In my free-time I like to: Peruse the bookstore, visit museums, and eat great food!



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