What's Cookin' At The Bay

Tell us your story for the chance to be featured on the back of Campus Life’s Monthly calendars, social media, and website!

What’s Cooking at the Bay is a space where you can share initiatives, projects or events that can offer professional development, personal growth and networking opportunities to the FIU community! 

What Appears on What’s Cookin’ at the Bay?


Initiatives & projects: Got an idea? Need buy-in from other students, faculty or staff? This is your chance to spread the word and get your initiative rolling!

Events: Are you organizing an event and need more exposure? Tell us more about it! Events proving students with professional development or other significant learning outcome will be prioritized!



Submissions will be reviewed on a first-come-first-serve basis. If your submission is not selected to appear on the back of our calendars, it may be used in our social media platforms and/or website.


What’s Cookin’ at the Bay?

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