Community Engagement Mini Grants

Community Engagement Mini Grants are based out of the Center for Leadership and Service (CLS) and funded by Wells Fargo to expand global awareness and community engagement by supporting student-led service projects. CLS strives to support projects which encompass a "global perspective with a local impact." Projects may vary from direct service projects to bringing awareness to certain social issues. If you or your organization has a new or ongoing community service project, apply for a mini grant today.

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The Panther Community Action (PCA) Board is a leadership opportunity dedicated to the development of student-led community engagement projects throughout the South Florida communities. In addition to awarding grants for student-led service projects through our partnership with Wells Fargo, the PCA Board works to build meaningful changemaker opportunities open to all students that are also interested in community service, civic engagement, and social responsibility.

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  • Projects are reviewed biweekly by the Panther Community Action Board in the Fall and Spring semesters. Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for award notifications.  The final deadline for applications for Fall 2020 is December 4th and Spring 2021 is April 9th by 5pm.
  • The Panther Community Action Board and Community Engagement Mini Grants is supported by the Center for Leadership & Service. In order to be eligible for funding, student projects must meet the following requirements:
    • Applicants must be enrolled as an FIU student during the period of the project.
    • Only volunteer projects are eligible

Frequently Asked Questions:

What types of projects does the PCA Board typically fund?

The Panther Community Action Board awards community engagement mini grants for a variety of projects that address a variety of global issues which may include but not limited to: education, the arts, the environment, economic development, community beautification, and health. 

Some examples that cannot be funded are fundraising efforts, entertainment, rentals, speaker fees, travel, and purchases requiring contracts.

How do I prepare a successful grant application?

Successful project proposals identify a global issue and develop an appropriate future plan of action to address it. Ideally, the project should seek long-term continuity for it to have a lasting impact. The budget is another essential component of the application, and is used to determine if the funding requested will be approved or not. If you need help, reach out to us so you can be connected to a Board Member to help you develop your grant application. All applications are encouraged to be submitted a minimum of 4 weeks before the anticipated service project or event.

How do I prepare a budget?

Complete Budget Template

Are community engagement mini grants applicable to hire interns or for related compensation?

Mini grants are meant to support volunteer initiatives and may only be used to cover the cost of supplies and other materials deemed necessary to carry out proposed projects.

How is the grant money distributed to selected project proposals?

Once the committee has approved a project proposal and budget, a reviewed list of items will be purchased through the Center for Leadership and Service and made available to the project representative. Physical money or checks are not given to awarded recipients.

When would selected applicants expect to receive funding after their application is approved?

Applicants should expect acceptance, denial, or be asked for clarification of their application by 2-3 weeks of the priority application deadline. If you miss the priority application deadline, your application will be reviewed for the next funding cycle.

 If you have questions, please email Amanda McDole.




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