MPAS Workshops 

MPAS offers many workshops per semester in three workshop series:

  1. S.J.S. (Social Justice Series)
  2. M.M.I. (Male Mentoring Initiative)
  3. 3D Series (L.G.B.T.Q.A. [Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, and Ally])

All workshops are open to the entire FIU student body and are available at both the Modesto A. Maidique and Biscayne Bay Campus. We work collaboratively with C.S.O. (Council of Student Organizations) and S.O.C. (Student Organizations Council) to award the student organizations that attend our workshops,  points in accordance with the CSO/SOC point structure.

Date Event Location Time
Jan. 09 LGBTQA: Welcome Reception (MMC) Panther Suite 3:00 pm
Jan. 10 MMI: Male Mentoring Welcome (BBC) GC 305 5:00 pm
Jan. 14 MPAS/SSS  Open House WUC 253 10:00 am
Jan. 17 Strengths Philosophy workshop #2 (MMC) GC 316 5:00 pm
Jan. 18 MLK Commemorative Breakfast  GC Ballrooms 8:00 am
Jan. 21 MLK Parade Parking Lot 5 7:30 am
Jan. 23 MLK Youth Forum (BBC) WUC Ballrooms 10:00 am
Jan. 23 3D: LGBTQA Human Trafficking (MMC) GC 314 12:30 PM
Jan. 24 3D: Social Justice ...for all? (BBC) WUC 157 12:30 pm
Jan. 30 SJS: The N Word (BBC) WUC 253 12:30 pm
Jan. 30 SJS: My Role in Equity & Diversity Webinar Webinar 6:00 pm
Feb. 06 SJS: Am I My Brothers Keeper? (MMC) GC 316 12:00 pm
Feb. 13 MMI: When a man loves a woman (BBC) WUC 253 1:00 pm
Feb. 14 3D: Queer Art (BBC) WUC 157 12:30 pm
Feb. 23 TRIO DAY 9:00 am
Feb. 28 SJS/MMI: Men In Black WUC 155 2:00 pm
Mar. 06 MPAS:  Drinking Games Workshop (BBC) WUC 155 12:30 pm
Mar. 18 SJS: Story Telling Workshop WUC 155 2:00 pm
Mar. 19 MMI: Classic Man (BBC) WUC 253 1:30 pm
Mar. 20 3D: Protecting and Serving the LGBTQA Familia (MMC) GC 316 12:30 pm
Mar. 21 3D: LGBTQACaribbeans (BBC) WUC 157 12:30 pm
Mar. 26 SJS: Gun Culture, Is it Real? (BBC) WUC 253 11:00 am
Mar. 28 MPAS: Making MAJOR Decisions (BBC) WUC 253 12:30 pm
Apr. 03 3D: Navigating Kink Culture (MMC) MMC 316 12:30 pm
Apr. 04 3D: Pride and prejudice (BBC) WUC 157 12:30 pm
Apr. 07 Miami Beach Pride Parade/ Alumni & Friends Breakfast Miami Beach 8:30 am
Apr. 08 MMI: Sexting Sexual Miscommunication (MMC) GC 316 4:00 pm
Apr. 09 MMI: Hip Hop DNA: Ca$h Out (BBC) WUC 253 1:30 pm
Apr. 10 Social Justice Summit Panther Suite/ GC 314/316 9:00 am
Apr. 16 MMI: These Hands Aren't for Hurting GC Pit 11:00 am
Apr. 17 SJS: Religious and Spiritual Identities (MMC) GC 316 3:00 am
Apr. 22 City-Wide Lavander Graduation GC 355 6:00 pm

Strength Summit

This summit is a training that is based on the Strength philosophy developed by the Gallup Organization. This philosophy is based in positive psychology and we believe that is gives our students an edge in their academic and social developmental areas. This summit will help the students understand the basic concepts of Gallup's Strengths philosophy and how to apply it not only to their academic success, but utilize it to lead to self-discovery. This program utilizes information from the Strengthsquest test by Gallup.

Male Mentoring Initiative

The MPAS Male Mentoring Initiative focuses on implementing university wide preemptive retention strategies that will focus on creating an atmosphere of academic, social, and professional success. Studies have proven that involvement and environment are conducive to the development of at risk students. We aim to do so by focusing on character development, academic enrichment, and career transition guidance. To learn more please Visit:

Trio Student Support Services

The TRIO Student Support Services Program provides opportunities for academic development, assistance with basic college requirements, and motivates students toward the successful completion of their bachelor degree. The goal of SSSP is to increase the college retention and graduation rates of its participants. SSS provides services including: academic  and career coaching, financial aid information and assistance, tutorial services, career and academic seminars, opportunities to attend conference, and more.

To learn more please visit:

Excellence Awards

This is an annual event that is held for Student Support Services, MPAS and Golden Drum scholarship students that are academically performing above and beyond their respective scholarship's strenuous requirements. Students are recognized for having a perfect 4.0 semester in our Golden Semester category. Students who have a 3.5 - 4.0 cumulative GPA are recognized in our Academic Excellence category. Students having a 3.0 - 3.499 cumulative GPA they are recognized in our Academic Honor category. Students having a 2.75 - 3.0 cumulative GPA they are recognized in our Academic Achievement category. This ceremony is a way for our students to celebrate their academic accomplishments with family and friends.

LGBTQA Initiatives

The Mission of the MPAS LGBTQA initiatives at Florida International University is to meet the needs of the LGBTQA Student population, by developing and implementing educational, social, and resource programs and services. These initiatives are aimed at reducing homophobia and heterosexism on both campuses through education, advocacy, awareness and assisting our LGBTQ students in reaching their full potential!

To learn more please visit:


AAA Tutoring

The Assistance for Academic Achievement (AAA) Tutorial Program is one of the many services offered by the Office of Multicultural Programs and Services. Tutors are knowledgeable in the various science and mathematics subjects and are available to offer their assistance by appointments.

To sign up for free tutoring please visit: AAA Tutoring

MPAS Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) Workshops

  • Student Learning Outcomes

    January 22nd - LGBTQA 3D: Human Trafficking
    January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month. This 3D will explore the types of human trafficking, including labor and sex trafficking to begin a discussion on the issue. Special attention should be placed on the disparities of human trafficking statistics of the LGBTQA community, specifically queer and Trans women
    SLO: Global/Intercultural Fluency and Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

    January 25th - MMI: What the Health
    This workshop will focus on Male health related issues and helpful tips to create a healthier lifestyle.
    SLO: Global/Intercultural Fluency and Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

    January 30th - SJS: My Role in Equity and Diversity
    This workshop will introduce students to the concept of being an ally to social justice issues. Students will explore why allies are necessary to work towards access, inclusion, and support for marginalized populations.
    SLO: Global/Intercultural Fluency and Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

    January 30th - SJS: The N Word Discussion
    "This is a Social Justice discussion that examines the N word and its usage as well as its historical context'
    SLO: Critical Thinking / Intercultural Fluency / Professionalism / Oral Communication
    January 31st - LGBTQA 3D: Social Justice...For All?
    A discussion of the ways activists use different strategies to achieve change, and how to to use intersectionality to inform social justice movements so as to be inclusive of community needs.
    SLO: Critical Thinking/Problem Solving, Global/Intercultural Fluency, Leadership

    April 3rd- LGBTQA 3D: Kink Culture
    Exploring the different aspects of kink culture through a queer lens. Topics that will be discussed are safer sex, affirmative consent, healthy communication, and kink dynamics.
    SLO: Global/Intercultural Fluency

    February 4th - MMI: You are What You Tweet
    Students will gain an opportunity to understand the importance of how social media presence can affect future employment. We will discuss the do's and don't's of social media.
    SLO: Leadership, Professionalism and Work Ethic, and Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

    February 13th - LGBTQA 3D: Black LGBT Legacies
    For Black History Month, this 3D will focus on the legacies of past and current LGBTQA Black leaders throughout history
    SLO: Leadership and Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

    February 13th - MMI: When a Man Loves a woman
    “This workshop examines what love is, relationship advice, and Valentine’s Day.'
    SLO: Critical Thinking / Professionalism / Intercultural Fluency / Oral Communication
    February 14th - LGBTQA 3D: Queer Art
    A showcase of the ways the LGBTQA community uses art as an expression of their journeys, struggles, and triumphs. Guest speaker from the Frost Art Museum.
    SLO: Global/Intercultural Fluency

    February 28th - MMI: Men In Black
    "This workshop will give students great advice on how to interact successfully with law enforcement."
    SLO: Critical Thinking / Professionalism / Oral Communication / Intercultural Fluency / Teamwork

    March 5th- SJS: What does Intersectionality Mean?
    Join us as we break down the meaning of Intersectionality and people’s overlapping identities and experiences in order to understand the complexity of prejudices they face.
    SLO: Global/Intercultural Fluency and Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

    March 6th- SJS: Drinking Games
    "This workshop will help students to understand how to drink alcohol responsibly through interactive drinking games. This is a dry workshop"
    SLO: Critical Thinking / Intercultural Fluency / Oral Communication / Professionalism

    March 20th- LGBTQA 3D: Protecting and Serving the LGBTQA Community
    Historically, the LGBT community has faced numerous account of police brutality. To better understand how current law enforcement are trained on LGBTQ issues, and a person’s rights when interacting with police, this 3D will engage in a discussion among those groups.
    SLO: Global/Intercultural Fluency and Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

    March 21st - LGBTQA 3D: LGBTQA Issues in the Caribbean
    Student-led discussion on various issues unique to the LGBTQA community in the Caribbean and ways to overcome those obstacles.
    SLO: Global/Intercultural Fluency, Leadership, Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

    March 26th- SJS: Gun Culture, Is it Real?
    "This workshop discusses the use of guns in pop culture, how they are portrayed and what if any are the effects."
    SLO: Critical Thinking / Intercultural Fluency / Oral Communication / Professionalism

    March 28th- SJS: Making MAJOR Decisions
    "This workshop explores advising and choosing a major.”
    SLO: Career Management. / Professionalism / Written Communication

    April 4th- LGBTQA 3D: Pride and Prejudice
    A movie screening that highlights the history of Pride in various countries and an overview of the obstacles each of those countries overcame for LGBTQA rights.
    SLO: Global/Intercultural Fluency

    April 8th- MMI: Sexting: Sexual Miscommunication
    Exploring ways people communicate via texting and code words/symbols. The topics that will be discussed is Consent and what consent looks like and what it is not
    SLO: Global/Intercultural Fluency and Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

    April 9th- MMI/MM Club: Hip Hop DNA: Cash Out:
    "This workshop will talk about how Hip Hop teaches fiscal management."
    SLO: Critical Thinking / Oral Communication / Teamwork / Professionalism / Intercultural Fluency

    April 16th- MMI: These Hands Aren't for Hurting
    During Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) MMI host an event to educate students on how male students can be active bystanders against domestic violence and various forms of sexual assault.
    SLO: Critical Thinking/ Problem Solving/ Critical Thinking


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