Student Testimonials

Carter Casio

"I've been here since the start of my first semester, and I can say that I'm part of the FIU family, thanks to LGBTQA Initiatives. The office has given me a support system, introduced me to incredible experiences, and given me new found friends. As an Ambassador I do a lot of amazing things for social justice and change, topics I've always been passionate about. I'm the social media manager. Sometimes I table for our organization and I even got sent out to a resident's hall, a medical school panel, and an Occupational Therapy workshop as an educator. Right now, I'm working with our newspaper and news media organization -- PantherPress and PantherNOW -- for the ambassador project I'm working on about historical LGBTQA+ representation. The amount of fun and joy that's filled my heart since I got here is through the roof!"

- Carter Casio (LGBTQA Ambassador, LGBTQA Mentee and Office Assistant)

Shaneka Lewis 

"The MPAS office is not just an organization that I receive a scholarship from. They are a community that I feel at home in. The workshops hosted by the MPAS office have allowed me a space to learn and discuss prevalent social justice issues, which I find to be engaging and a nice change from going to class all day."

- Shaneka Lewis (AAA Tutor and MPAS Scholar)

Kervin Vancol

“What MPAS means to me is it being a life changing great program and environment. I feel this way because of the consistent great help they provide for me academically and interpersonally. Their great academically help came in the way of how they provided me with good tutoring that helped me pass several classes. Their great interpersonal help came in the way of how they helped me become more involved in student affairs with them having me join their staff as a student assistant and how they helped me join and run a club called Male Mentoring Initiatives (MMI). MPAS has also helped develop some great skills which are public communication skills, critical thinking skills, and professionalism. These skills were developed in how the MPAS staff would have me contribute in their workshops which developed my public communication skills, have me even help develop some of their workshops which developed my critical thinking skills, and their continued stressing for me to be professional has developed my professionalism.”

- Kervin Vancol (MMI Mentee and MPAS Student Office Assistant)


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