Panthers Connect Challenge

Panthers Connect Challenge is YOUR student engagement initiative. Designed to provide you with a curated pathway to make the most of your college experience while building affinity to FIU and having fun. Panthers Connect Challenge helps you connect with your fellow Panthers. 

You can get involved by logging into your Panther Connect platform using your FIU username. Select the signature event you would like to attend, swipe your card at the entrance. Monitor your progress on PantherConnect, and receive exciting incentives!

The Panthers Connect Challenge is comprised of four unique pathways (i.e., curriculums) across each undergraduate student level (i.e., freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior). This program is hosted on FIU’s Panther Connect platform, a tool that tracks student engagement data. The goal of this program is to build an engagement culture that values participation in academic, leadership, campus life, and athletic activities. Similar to an academic curriculum, this program aims to serve as a roadmap for engagement outside the classroom.

Panthers Connect will also bolster support for various academic-oriented events through increased student involvement. Ultimately, through collaboration and utilization of data informed approaches, Panthers Connect will provide a pathway for students to create connections to FIU and showcase opportunities that may have been previously overlooked. 

                           Take the Panthers Connect Challenge! Attend at least one signature event from each of the four categories: Campus Life, Athletics, Academic, and Leadership. Simply, swipe your card at the entrance. Monitor your progress on PantherConnect,  and receive exciting incentives!


Sofia Trelles
Student Ombudsperson
Graham Center 219

Jose Toscano
Director, Campus Life 
Graham Center 2240