As an established office within Multicultural Program and Services (MPAS) since 2012, LGBTQA Initiatives works to create an environment of Empowerment, Affirmation, and Inclusion for LGBTQA+ students, faculty, and staff at Florida International University (FIU) through education, advocacy, and celebration.

What’s With the Plus (+) ? 

Sometimes we write LGBTQA+ (with the plus at the end). This is meant to acknowledge that language and acronyms are inherently limiting when it comes to the emergent spectrum of our lived experiences related to gender and sexuality. LGBTQA+ Initiatives is committed to inclusivity, bringing individuals and communities inward from the margins, and giving voice to anyone who wishes to count themselves a part of our ever-expanding rainbow.

The Goal

The goal is to provide all LGBTQA+ panthers with the resources and support they need to reach their fullest potential here at FIU and beyond. We accomplish this through: 


We educate ourselves and others to ensure everyone at FIU knows how to best affirm and support our LGBTQA+ people. Our staff stay relevant through research and evaluation, professional development opportunities, and on- and off-campus partnership-building. We turn the knowledge we gain into trainings and events that educate faculty, staff, and students on various gender and sexuality topics. 

Students, faculty, and staff can join our Social Justice Badge Program, request Programs on Demand (e.g., Gender Pronoun Use), and learn from our LGBTQA+ Student Panelists who serve as on-call educators. Faculty and staff may individually sign up for our voluntary 2-hour Safe Zone training designed to equip them with basic knowledge and resources to affirm and support LGBTQA+ people at FIU. 


We are committed to ensuring LGBTQA+ students succeed here at FIU. This means listening to students' needs and working alongside them to develop the policies that affect them. We provide resources, support, and opportunities that empower students to become effective self-advocates.

Our LGBTQA+ Mentorship Program trains faculty, staff, and graduate student volunteers to serve as advocates, guides, and role models in the positive development of LGBTQA+ students’ academic and non-academic lives. 

If there is something our office cannot immediately provide, we refer students to additional services (e.g., PanthersCare, Fostering Panther Pride, CAPS/VEP, and Financial Aid) and follow up to ensure their needs were met.



We work to establish a strong sense of belonging to FIU among our LGBTQA+ students through the celebration of who they are and what they accomplish. We do this through our Out & Proud Scholarship program, organizing events such as Coming Out Day and participating in Miami Beach Pride, and holding a special Lavender Graduation ceremony to honor our LGBTQA+ graduates each semester.

Get Involved

Our office is a community effort. We encourage you to submit your ideas and get involved in our office. Please reach out to us at lgbt@fiu.edu.





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