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FIU has programs, organizations and committees for LGBTQIA+ students, faculty, staff and their allies. Getting involved means opportunities for personal growth, leadership development, making friends, enhancing your resume, and educating the campus community and others about LGBTQIA+ issues.

Volunteer & Paid Positions

  • Event Volunteers & Planning Committees
    The Pride Center hosts several events for students, faculty, and staff to help plan and implement as volunteers and as part of planning committees throughout the year. These are for events such as Transgender Day of Remembrance, World AIDS Day, and the Pride Parade.  

    Interested individuals should email

  • Federal Work Study

    The Federal Work-Study (FWS) program is designed to help students who show financial need to earn a portion of their educational expenses through meaningful employment. Typically, these positions are for up to 20 hours of work a week and are designed to fit the interests and skill level of the student as well as the needs of the office. The Pride Center occasionally has 1-2 spots open for Federal-Work Study positions.

    Go here
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    all available listings.  

Programs & Organizations

  • LGBTQA Mentorship Program

    Program Mission

    The Pride Mentorship Program provides support, safety, and guidance to our LGBTQIA+ students as they discover who they are. The Program provides an opportunity for LGBTQIA+ students to be matched to and meet confidentially with an LGBTQIA+ faculty or staff member to work toward a goal throughout the year. Meetings can be used to discuss questions about academics, coming out issues, and/or personal concerns in a nonjudgmental environment. The Pride Mentorship program also provides spaces for student peers to meet and network with each other.

    Mentee Role

    As a mentee you agree to:

    • A one-year commitment (Academic Year)
    • Attend mandatory mentee orientation
    • Regularly meet/communicate with your mentor; you are responsible for maintaining/initiating contact
    • Take initiative and overcome the fear of asking for help or advice
    • Act with courtesy and respect toward everyone in the program

    If you have any questions about this application please email

    The application can be accessed here.

  • Student Organizations

    The Pride Center currently advises the following LGBTQIA+ student organizations at FIU on the BBC and MMC campuses.

    Pride Student Union

    The Pride Student Union (PSU) is a student-led University-wide programming bureau supported by the Pride Center that is dedicated to providing cultural, educational, and social programming to the University community. Currently proposing to be recognized as an official bureau under the Student Government Association (SGA), the PSU executive board leads several programs and events on campus, including semesertly Welcome Receptions, National Coming Out Day, and other events. 

    Elections take place every Spring semester for new positions. Please email for more information.

    OUT & About

    OUT & About on the MMC campus is dedicated to creating a safe and friendly environment for all LGBTQIA+ students and allies. In a university that fosters diversity, it is important to make sure the community feels accepted, protected, and catered to. This is achieved through inclusive events and activities that create a social support network for all those in the community including movie nights, potlucks, DIY-crafting, field trips, and more! 

    In a addition tomonthly socials, Out & About holds monthly general interest meetings to get to know future members and get suggestions from the community. 

    Get involved by joining them on PantherConnect or exploring their events.


    "Unity Without Uniformity and Diversity Without Fragmentation" 

    On the BBC campus, the Gender and Sexuality Alliance provides a safe, strong, and supportive student led organization for all students, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. They aim to foster diversity, promote social unity, and offer unique opportunities for social growth through social programming and providing resources regarding LGBTQIA+ issues and culture. They welcome all LGBTQIA+ students and straight allies who share a common vision of social equality. 

    You can get involved by joining them on PantherConnect or exploring their events.


  • Affinity Groups

    Affinity groups are mean to provide space for people who seek to find community around specific identtiies or intersections of identity. Pleas email for the link to join any of our affinity groups over Zoom.


    A discussion group with conversations centered around the experiences of queer, Black & Caribbean people. Be yourself authentically and share your truths unapologetically.

    Weekly Meeting: Every Tuesday
    Meeting Time: 4 - 5 PM (EST)

    Disabled & Queer

    A discussion group dedicated to exploring the meaning behind being simultaneously disabled and queer. Open to those with all kinds of disabilities.

    Weekly Meeting: Every Wednesday
    Meeting Time: 3 - 4 PM (EST)

    Trans Things

    A discussion group dedicated to providing space to discuss experiences about living on the trans spectrum.

    Weekly Meeting: Every Tuesday
    Meeting Time: 3 - 4 PM (EST)

  • Signature Events

    For more information about the following Signature Events, please see our Events Page or RSVP on Panther Connect.

    That's So Queer

    These live discussions are held on a weekly basis over the Pride Center's Instagram account (@fiupridecenter). Various topics are covered that highlighting specific populations within our community (e.g., nonbinary people), currently relevant topics (e.g., queering the census), and fun topics (e.g., music) led by staff members, students, and with featured guests from FIU, Miami, and wider U.S. communities.

    Welcome Receptions

    Led by the Pride Student Union, the semesterly Welcome Receptions are designed to welcome back students to the new semester and provide them with resources and information about the LGBTQIA+ community at FIU and in the greater South Florida area. Traditionally, campus and community organizations are invited to provide their resources to the participants and engage in networking to provide opportunities on how to get more involved. Lots of giveaways and food are provided at every reception. It's a great way to stay connected and get more involved with the LGBTQIA+ community!

    National Coming Out Day

    Led by the Pride Student Union, National Coming Out Day, which is nationally observed on October 11, is a reminder that one of our most basic tools is the power of coming out. When people know someone who is LGBTQIA+, they are far more likely to support equality under the law. Beyond that, our stories or gathering together on this day as a community can be powerful to each other, including those who choose not to come out for various reasons.

    FIU participates in Coming Out Day by partnering with campus and community organizations to create a space of education and celebration. Resources are made available to educate the FIU community and fun activities, a coming out door and photo booth, and other surprises make up the day each year.

    Transgender Day of Remembrance and Resilience

    The Pride Center leads in this international event held since 1999. Transgender Day of Remembrance and Resilience memorializes trans folx who have been murdered in the last year because of their gender identity and/or gender expression. This day is meant to show reverence for the population while providing resources, education, and awareness. 

    We often will have a combination of resources available to students, activities for students to express their support for trans and non-binary communities, student and community guest speakers who share their personal experiences and discuss discrimination in their communities, and a candlelight vigil. 

    World AIDS Day

    The Pride Center leads FIU's World AIDS Day events. World AIDS Day is a worldwide event that takes place on December 1 of every year. FIU celebrates this day annually on or around December 1 through by bringing awareness and education to the campus community about HIV/AIDS. All-day programming includes raising awareness through community groups, free HIV testing, film screenings, speakers, and, in the evening, a block party featuring games, music, and other surprises.

    Miami Beach Pride Parade

    The mission of Pride is to bring together LGBTQIA+ panthers and their friends and allies in the celebration of the unique spirit and culture of the LGBTQIA+ community at the Miami Beach Pride Parade. FIU has the largest contingency on an annual basis, and our overall involvement exemplifies FIU's continued support of the LGBTQIA+ community. Each year, we host our Alumni & Friends Breakfast at the FIU Wolfsonian Museum, followed by the parade in the afternoon.

    Lavender Graduation and Leadership Recognition Ceremonies

    We hold two Lavender Graduation ceremonies each year: (1) Winter Lavender Graduation; and (2) Spring Lavender Graduation. These celebrations include a wonderful evening of celebration, food, and fun as we bring our LGBTQIA+ community together to honor those who will be graduating as well as the recipients of our annual leadership awards. At the ceremonies, we recognize LGBTQIA+ students who are graduating as well as those with academic achievements and leadership contributions.

    In the Spring, the ceremony is open to all LGBTQIA+ graduating seniors, including those graduating in Spring and Summer. All graduates receive a Lavendar Medallion for their own graduation ceremony. 

    If you are a graduating senior, please fill out this form so you can be recognized at the event.

    Pulse Vigil

    Every June, we honor and bring awareness to the 49 lives lost in the attack on Orlando Pulse Nightclub on June 12, 2015. The day marks a time to grieve members of our own FIU community who were lost and/or affected by this tragedy. The event also focuses on healing and spreading love and acceptance to all people regardless of their gender or orientation.

    Other Events

    The Pride Center collaborates with multiple departments and organizations on campus on a diverse array of gender and sexuality-related events and programs throughout the year.

    We also encourage and support students taking leadership in implementing their own ideas for new or reoccurring events and programs.

    Individual students should aim to reach out to our office by the end of October in the Fall semester or the end of February in the Spring semester before their planned event for the following semester. Through that communication, we will work with students to determine the extent to which the Pride Center will be involved in the planning and funding of student-led events. 

    Students who wish to receive our support for their own events can reach out to us at

    Propose Your Own Event

    The Pride Center encourages and supports students taking leadership in implementing their own ideas for new or reoccurring events and programs.

    Individual students should aim to reach out to our office by the end of October in the Fall semester or the end of February in the Spring semester before their planned event for the following semester. Through that communication, we will work with students to determine the extent to which they want the Pride Center involved in the planning, funding, and implementation of student-led events. 

    Individual students who wish to receive our support for their own events can submit a request form, just as departments and organizations do, at the link below.



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