Our Team

Our team is devoted to supporting all FIU panthers representing a diversity of genders and orientations. We accomplish this through our efforts collaborating together and with the unique perspectives and experiences we each bring to the table. Read more about our team below. 


Erica Jayne Friedman, PhD

Associate Director
They/She/He (All Pronouns Welcome)
PhD, Social-Personality Psychology, The Graduate Center, CUNY
MA, Social-Personality Psychology, The Graduate Center, CUNY
BA, Psychology, Binghamton University



Dr. Erica Jayne Friedman is thrilled to be here at FIU, bringing from New York over 10 years of higher education experience. Her vision is to empower students to take the lead in administering Pride Center campus events. She hopes to evolve the culture at FIU through advocacy and education to establish our campus as the most supportive and affirming university for LGBTQIA+ students in Florida.

Dr. Friedman received formative training as a social justice agent for queer and trans communities as an undergraduate at Binghamton University and through her doctoral program in psychology at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. For over 10 years, she researched topics within gender and queer studies focused on understanding the impact of cisgenderism and heterosexism. She explored how social norms around gender and sexuality develop and can be resisted or changed.

In her free time, Dr. Friedman enjoys worldwide travel and is featured in several travel blogs and magazines. She spent several months in New Zealand volunteering at a local non-profit organization and became SCUBA-certified while in Thailand. Dr. Friedman personally experiences both her gender and sexuality as fluid.


Javon Stovall

Graduate Assistant
He/Him/His or They/Them/Their
MS (In Progress), Higher Education Administration
BA, Ethics and Public Policy, Philosophy
AA, Liberal Arts and Sciences



A 2020 graduate from the University of Iowa, Javon is thrilled to be on this new adventure in Miami! His draw to higher education comes from a working background of leadership, research and human subject administration, student life and administrative support, but most importantly, advocacy and a commitment to lifetime learning. Dedicated to working collaboratively to create comprehensive solutions to complex problems on college campuses and unapologetically centering the narratives of marginalized communities, he is excited to be prioritizing social justice and inclusion in his graduate work.

Javon plans to conduct research through a critical lens and work to understand the interconnectedness of marginalized student experiences and policy-making decisions to identify how policies alleviate or perpetuate negative experiences and outcomes for historically marginalized individuals. In his practice as a higher education professional, Javon takes a holistic approach to student care and does so with a trauma-informed perspective. He encourages and empowers students to bring all of who they are to the classroom, their campus experiences, and beyond.

In order to cultivate an education system where all are cared for, celebrated, treated equally, and not left behind, Javon approaches his work with radical empathy and love. There are many things he wants to do in his career to make this happen, including becoming a professor and working in the White House.


Abrianna Jean-Baptiste

Student Assistant
She/Her/Hers or They/Them/Theirs
BA (In Progress), Sociology and Women & Gender Studies



Abrianna Jean-Baptiste transferred from Broward College to FIU to pursue a double major in Sociology and Women and Gender Studies. As a student growing up in a Haitian American household, she has always valued morality and internal strength. She aims to bring these values into the LGBTQIA+ community. Abrianna creates and hosts college community events that inspire students to think critically about their own lives. As Pride Student Union President at FIU, she strives to reform the campus into a safer space for LGBTQIA+ students and help students find leadership qualities within themselves to change the landscapes of our futures. Within her roles at the FIU Pride Center, she seeks to implement change at FIU from the inside out with her team and those who support her.

Abrianna was the president of the Gender Sexuality Alliance at Broward College in 2019-2020, and during high school, she was a mentor for younger students at Miramar High School. At FIU, she has hosted or served as a panelist on events such as Black Brilliance: Being and Becoming and several That’s So Queer Instagram Live discussions, Queer Black ExperiencesThe Sapphic Panel, and Bridging the Gaps: Blackness. Throughout her time at FIU, Abrianna hopes she can live her fullest truth and learn from others about the importance of vulnerability.

Abrianna enjoys reading, playing video games, and writing. She is also a huge Marvel fan and a lover of pop culture and music. She is also a fan of learning new things about environmental science, culture, and food. She is open to new friendships and knowledge to make her perspectives on life open-minded to be more inclusive to everyone they meet. She loves quality time with family and friends and has two cockatiels named “Sunny” and “Sky.”


Kaitlyn Guthrie

Student Assistant
She/Her/Hers or They/Them/Theirs
BA (In Progress), Political Science & English,
Florida International University



At FIU, Kaitlyn is pursuing a double major in Political Science and English as well as a certificate in Film Studies. As a Queer Latina student, she focuses on making her community stronger and bringing empowerment and representation to any space she occupies. For the future, Kaitlyn is considering furthering her education and working in the public or private sector. Both writing and activism have always been a part of who Kaitlyn is and what she loves to do. She hopes to be able to do this work both personally and professionally throughout her life and career.

Kaitlyn is a part of FIU's Student Support Services and Golden Scholars. In high school, she served as president of the yearbook, the founder of the Sexuality and Genders Alliance (SAGA), and a member of Latinos in Action. Kaitlyn believes she works best when meeting with her communities and like-minded people to work toward a common goal.

Kaitlyn enjoys reading, writing, and film, and TV from the 90s and early 2000s. She also spends her time cooking for friends and family, participating in activism, playing dominos con familia, and playing with her bunny named Pigwidgeon




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