Fundamentals of Social Justice Badge

What Is Social Justice?

The Office of Social Justice and Inclusion defines Social Justice as the redistribution of power and opportunity to create equity, diversity, and civic engagements for marginalized groups in a supportive environment.

Fundamentals of Social Justice Badge Program

  • How to Join

    Fundamentals of Social Justice Badge Program

    One way to create positive climate change is to educate and activate individuals to be the difference in their community. The Social Justice Badge Program will enable individuals to develop self, group, and societal values which lead to a commitment to change. Join and become an advocate!

    To sign up, all it takes is a few steps: Log in to Panther Connect, Search Social Justice Badge Program, Request to join.

    Note: The Fundamentals of Social Justice Badge Program is a two-year long program. Although the program can be finished in a year, we have a template that paces participants at a two-year pace. Students who have only one semester left or no intentions of continuing graduate school at FIU are at risk of not being able to complete all requirements needed to receive the badge.


    Individuals who take part or complete this program will:

    •  Demonstrate understanding of social injustices and inequities;
    •  Identify proposed approaches toward remediation and/or resolution;
    •  Create an understanding across cultural differences;
    •  Address social injustices and inequities in innovative, integrative, analytical, and ethical ways;
    •  Engage independently and reflectively in life-long learning;
    •  Identify personal biases and develop techniques on how to mitigate them; and
    •  Serve, collaborate, and lead our FIU community as an advocate for positive change.


    The Fundamentals of Social Justice Badge Program will enable members of the FIU community to complete several programs and activities. This program will include the following requirements.

    • Completion of a Pre-Assessment
    •  Attendance at an FIU Student Conference
      • Men of Color Symposium; Women Who Lead Conference; Diversity Day; Social Justice Summit; or Student Leadership Summit
    • Completion of 3 FIU Social Justice related training
      • Gender Pronoun Usage Training; StepUp Bystander Intervention; Kognito online Students in Distress; or the EVERFI Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion online module
    • Completion of 6 Social Justice 2-hr Educational Seminars
      • Introduction to Social justice **; Cultural Continuum Responsiveness**; Intersectionality**; Power, Privilege, and Oppression**; Social Model on Disability; Conflict Resolution, Ethics, and Civility;
    • Completion of 1 community engagement project
      • Social Justice related internship, development of an Office of Social Justice and Inclusion (OSJI) sponsored workshop, lead a social justice discussion, or volunteer or lead a social justice-related service project
    •  Completion of a Post Assessment


    For more information regarding this program, feel free to contact Jeffrey McNamee at or visit OSJI.FIU.EDU



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