To contact members of Student Government Association Please email the SGA office directly.

MMC Board

Position Name Email
Student Body President & University Trustee Krista Schmidt
Vice President Jose Sirven III
Comptroller Daniel Beuperthuy
Senate Speaker Maria Delgado
Speaker Pro Tempore Sebastian Cajamarca
Chief of Staff Sara Iber
Chief Justice Cooper Eisinger

BBC Executive Officers

leonardo cosio SGA BBC President meredith marseille SGA BBC Vice President mitesh addhate SGA BBC Comptroller jamie adelson BBC Chief of Staff
Leonardo Cosio
Meredith Marseille
Mitesh Addhate
Jamie Adelson
FIU Foundations Board
Vice President
Chief of Staff

MMC Cabinet

The executive cabinet acts as the president and vice president’s advisers in each of their different specialized areas. Each cabinet member is responsible for both their individual duties as well as ensuring that the executive branch is functioning properly. To ensure open communication and cohesiveness, cabinet member meet every Wednesday from 4 PM to 6 PM. Below is a list of current cabinet members and their positions.

Leadership & DevelopmentMaria Almonte
Chief of Staff Sara Iber
Deputy Chief of Staff Mariana Restrepo
Deputy Chief of Staff Maia Castro
Elections Commissioner Nicolas Hinostroza
Government Relations Sabrina Rosell
Educational Programs Patricia Moreno
Media Relations Amanda Gasset
Internal Affairs Rebecca Valeriano
Student Lobbyist Zoe Van Slyke
Student Lobbyist Vacant
Sustainability Rolando Martinez
Divisity and Inclusion Miguel Valdes
Academic and Health Affairs Keandre Blount
Student Life Sabine Streit
Transportation Camila Martinez
Veterans Affairs Shanaya Reyes
University Affinity Anthony Bolcato II
Athletics Chair Lianna Farnesi
Traditions Chair Vacant

BBC Cabinet

To contact members of Student Government Association Biscayne Bay Campus, Please email

Deputy Chief of Staff
Dianne Morales
Director of Events Vacant
Director of Campus Services Douglass Gavilan
Director of Lectures Vacant
Director of International Student Affairs Huahua Jin
Director of Marketing & Social Media Vacant
Director of Governmental & Community Affairs Vacant
Director of Governing Councils Vacant
Director of Civic Engagement Vacant
Director of Elections Vacant
Public Relations Manager Natasha Ramirez



Marketing Coordinator Ryan Mignagaray
Social Media Coordinator Vacant


The legislative branch of the SGC-MC, or the senate, is made of 37 students elected by the student body each year. As senators, they work with students, faculty, administration, and members of the local community to provide the best services possible to the student body.

Senate Speaker Maria Delgado 305-348-2121
Speaker Pro Tempore Sebastian Cajamarca 305-348-2121

MMC Senators

Architecture & the Arts Senators
David Cardona
Arts & Sciences Senators
Hiram Duarte
Nicholas La Roz
Dariana Uliver
Cassidie-Anne Toussaint
Paulo Vargas
Colin Thompson
Regina DelCastillo
Antonia Passalacqua
At-Large Senators
Kevin Cuellar
Alejandro Dominguez
Business Senators
Andrew Jordan
Timothy Ramjattan
Sharlene Buchely
Maria Delgado
Education Senators
Engineering & Computing Senators
Roger Sanchez
Francesca Riccio-Ackerman
Graduate Senators
Kristie Reyes
Allison Sardinas
Mwai Osahar
Cory Fairfield
Honors College Senators
Sara Concepcion
Housing Senators
Trevor Holden
Curtis Litwiller
Law Senators
Mary Corbin
Lower Division Senators
Sebastian Cajamarca
Doudy Casseus
Christian Molina
Jorge Pensado
Medical School Senators
Nicolas Reyes
Nursing & Health Sciences Senators
Jessica Blanco
Peter Hernandez
Sofia Prieto
Public Health & Social Work Senators
Cristina Williamson
SIPA Senators
Joshua Mandall
Aujanae Watson


To contact members of Student Government Association Biscayne Bay Campus, Please email

Speaker of the Senate Jonathan Espino
Speaker Pro Tempore Jefferson Noël

BBC Senators

Arts, Sciences, & Education Senators Doreen Patichi
Leen Alkhouli
Hospitality Management Senators Mers Gabrielle San Pedro
  Jennell Barnett
Communication + Journalism Senators Ashley Rosales-Tejeda
  Jefferson Noël
Upper Division Senators Sigal Dahan
Lower Division Senators Jessalyn Morel
Senators at Large Ronan Kelly
  Daniel Velasquez
FIU @ I-75 Vacant
Housing Senator Jonathan Espino
Graduate Senator Vacant


The Modesto Maidique University Supreme Court is composed of the chief justice and four justices. As defenders of the constitution, the court interprets all bodies of law in SGA including the constitution, statutes, finance and elections codes, and is charged with negating all existing student government statutes, appropriations, laws, joint resolutions, executive orders, and/or senatorial policies that conflict with any federal, state, local laws and/or ordinances and/or university regulations.


Chief Justice
Cooper Eisinger
Associate Justices
Magner Tiuso


To contact members of Student Government Association Biscayne Bay Campus, Please email

Chief Justice Vacant
Associate Justices Vacant
Court Clerks Vacant



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