Meet the DRC Team

Leadership Team

Picture, Amanda Niguidula

Amanda Niguidula

Picture, Martha Wong

Martha Betancourt Wong
Assistant Director of Administrative Services

Picture, Stephen Loynaz

Stephen Loynaz
Access Consultant Manager
Student Cohort: Seniors(91-120+ credits), Graduate Students, College of Medicine, College of Law

Access Consultant Team

Picture, Joanna Lindsay

Joanna Linsday
Student Cohort: Sensory Impaired, Freshmen(0-30 credits), Special Programs, and Non-Degree Seeking

Picture, Geneva Munoz

Geneva Munoz
Student Cohort: Sophomores (31-60 credits)

picture, Gene Tolentino

Gene Tolentino
Student Cohort: Juniors(61-90 credits)

Picture, Stephanie Bello

Stephanie Bello
Student Cohort: BBC Students
Senior Program and Testing Coordinator at BBC

Administration and Operations

Picture, Kim Hunter

Kim Hunter
Senior Program and Testing Coordinator

Vacant Position
Adaptive Technology Specialist

Picture, Andre

Andres A. Perez-Monzon
Office Assistant, MMC

Lynne Miranda
Office Specialist, BBC

Picture, Yesesnis Garcia

Yesenis Garcia
Administrative Assistant | Scholarship and Volunteer Coordinator

Picture, Barbara Mosquera

Barbara Mosquera
Student Assistant, MMC

Juan Carlos De Los Santos
Student Assistant, MMC

Vacant Position
Student Assistant, BBC


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