Faculty and Staff

As members of FIU's faculty and staff, you are on the forefront of responding to students with disabilities. Students with disabilities attend FIU for the same reasons as all students do, and bring with them a broad range of diverse experiences and interests. The DRC welcomes you to partner with us in becoming change agents, as we strive to empower students with disabilities. As designers of the curricular experience for FIU students, you are a crucial part of this multi-dimensional effort to create an inclusive campus and the DRC is here to support you in fascilitating this role. 

Instructor Role

Access is a university-wide responsibility. Ensuring meaningful access to the academic environment requires the active participation of each instructor and often includes collaboration with the DRC. The University is committed to the design of fully accessible learning experiences.

The following are minimum steps that all faculty members and course instructors should take to create an accessible classroom experience for all students, including those with disabilities. DRC staff is available to provide support and/or consult.

  • Include an access statement on your course syllabus
  • Work in partnership with the DRC to ensure all student assessments and assignments are accessible
  • Post class notes or assist the DRC in locating a volunteer classmate to provide notes when requested
  • Identify your reading schedule early so that materials can be made available in an accessible format
  • Ensure that Sign Language Interpreters or CART writers have appropriate seating in the classroom
  • Confirm that all videos shown in class are captioned when a deaf or hard of hearing student is registered (the DRC can help)
  • Remember that students may register for the DRC at anytime throughout the semester and is is your responsibility to accommodate them as long as it is not a fundamental alteration to the course. Although accommodations are not retroactive, FIU is legally required to offer ADA accommodations to students at the time that they register with the DRC, even after the course has started.  

Syllabus Statement for Access

The following is an example of the type of the language the Disability Resource Center (DRC) recommends you use while you are creating your syllabi:

The Disability Resource Center collaborates with students, faculty, staff, and community members to create diverse learning environments that are usable, equitable, inclusive and sustainable. The DRC provides FIU students with disabilities the necessary support to successfully complete their education and participate in activities available to all students. If you have a diagnosed disability and plan to utilize academic accommodations, please contact the Center at 305-348-3532 or visit them at the Graham Center GC 190.

Academic Accommodations

When academic requirements present barriers to students with disabilities, reasonable accommodations may be necessary. Accommodations are determined on an individual basis and should not reduce academic standards. The DRC will contact you via your FIU instructor email if a student enrolled in your course has elected to utilize their accommodations. This Notification of Academic Adjustment will contain important information regarding the student's assigned accommodations. Contact information for the student's assigned Disability Consultant will be included in this notification, should you want to discuss the student's accommodations.

The DRC is committed to facilitating the removal of curricular barriers, which exclude students from full participation. We work towards making systemic and sustainable improvements to the curricular environment and increase access for all learners, including students with disabilities.

Accommodations in the Workplace

The Office of Equal Opportunity Programs and Diversity (EOPD), within the Division of Human Resources, coordinates reasonable accommodations for disabled staff and faculty on a case-by-case basis and in collaboration with the employee and appropriate University personnel.

If you are a disabled university staff or faculty member please contact the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs and Diversity at the DIvision of Human resources by email at eopd@fiu.edu or you can visit their page for more information.


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