Undergraduate Admissions Appeal

If you have been denied admission and your educational and/or personal goals for success have been negatively impacted due to disability, you may wish to appeal the admissions on the basis of a disability. 

If you would like to appeal this decision, please visit the Admissions website and follow the process identified by the Admissions Department.

If you would like to submit any additional documentation specifically related to your disability, please submit them to the Disability Resource Center, along with the completed Eligibility Review Form, to **Documentation can only be submitted after an Admissions Appeal Form has been submitted to Admissions.

Once documentation is submitted, please allow 7-14 business days for documentation to be reviewed.

Documentation to the DRC is only sent once admission has been denied and an appeal has been submitted to the Admissions Department.

Please note that the DRC does not make admissions decisions. For additional information on the appeal process, decisions, and forms, please visit

Graduate Admissions Appeal

Applicants who wish to disclose their disability status as part of their application for admission to the University Graduate School may submit documentation of their disability, along with the completed Eligibility Review Form, to The Disability Resource Center will then notify the University Graduate school of the student’s eligibility status as well as potential accommodations that the student may be eligible to receive.

Applicants who have been denied from the program of their choice may contact their graduate program director to request another review of their application. If the student would like the Disability Resource Center to provide eligibility information to the program director, they may e-mail

Please note that students who are denied admission to the university graduate school may re-apply to FIU after three semesters. (Enrollment at FIU during these three semesters is not permitted even as a non-degree student.)

Course Substitutions

Students who have a disability that prevents them from meeting Gordon Rule math or Foreign Language graduation requirements may request a substitution of the course. Granting a course substitution will depend on the nature and extent of the disability and its impact upon the student’s ability to successfully meet the requirement. Requests for course substitutions that would result in a significant modification of the program, those required for certification or licensure, or those that would be inconsistent with the student’s academic program or objectives may be denied.


It is strongly recommended that you initiate this process as early in your college career as possible. A sense of urgency will allow you time to fulfill any college requirements without consequences (e.g. academic holds, contracts, and probation) which could ultimately delay future registration or graduation.

Please note that a substitution of any kind may affect your ability to remain in or apply for certain majors that require the completion of what you are trying to substitute (i.e. Business Majors must complete MAC-2233 “Calculus for Business”, any math substitution at the core level will disqualify the student from being admitted to this major). Please consult your DRC Access Consultant for more information about this and what may be a fundamental alteration

  • It is the student’s responsibility to make sure an approved substitution course is on file with their advisor and the DRC before taking the substitution courses. Failure to do so may result in the courses not being credited toward fulfilling the degree requirements.
    • Some of the classes most often used for the Core Math Substitution include CGS-2060, CGS-2100, MAT-1033, and MGF-1100
    • Classes most often used for the Foreign Language Requirement are selected from the university’s Global Learning Course Offerings 

Petition Process:

  1. Complete the Course Substitution Form
  2. If requesting that a particular class of your choice is considered, please ensure the class is on your FIU transcript and that a syllabus is available. Additional optional documentation that you may submit to assist the committee in evaluating this request are course descriptions, samples of assignments, or a textbook.
    • Please note that if you are applying for both a math and foreign language substitution, two separate forms need to be completed.
  3. Write a personal statement to submit along with the complete request form. The personal statement should explain prior attempts taken to complete high school and/or college foreign language courses and how those attempts have been negatively impacted by your disability.
  4. Submit the completed petition including request form, personal statement, FIU transcript, and any supporting documentation to your Access Consultant at the DRC.
  5. Please allow up to three weeks for the Substitution Committee to review your request; it is comprised of one DRC Representative, your assigned Academic Advisor, and the Assistant Vice President of Undergraduate Education (or his designee).
  6. The DRC will notify the student & appropriate FIU areas such as FIU OneStop and the Academic Advisor of the committee’s decision.
    • If approved, the student will then meet with their Academic Advisor to complete a revised program of study.
    • Upon completion of the approved substitution course, it is the student’s responsibility to notify the DRC and their advisor that the course has been completed and the substitution can be finalized.
    • If denied, the student may appeal the decision by submitting a new form, a revised personal statement, and any updated documentation they feel will contribute to their request.


A student who has been granted a course substitution from another Florida public university must have this indicated on her/his FIU record. The student needs a letter or an official transcript from the former school noting that the student was granted the substitution. Their assigned DRC Access Consultant will verify documentation and assist the student in completing the petition form.


FIU requires incoming students to have completed two years of a foreign language in high school. Students who have not fulfilled this requirement must complete two semesters of a foreign language prior to graduating from FIU. Students who have not fulfilled this requirement during high school due to a disability may petition for a course substitution.

  • If language is a graduation requirement of the student's major, the student will need to follow the procedures for course substitution due to a disability discussed under the heading "Course Substitution Process."
  • If language is not a graduation requirement of the student’s choice of college, the student may petition for a course substitution through the Admissions Office. The student would need to submit the following to the DRC:
    • A personal statement describing the reason for requesting course substitution
    • Copy of the student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) from high school or a letter from the high school guidance counselor. (If applicable)
    • Letter from the DRC counselor, approved by the DRC Director, confirming the student’s disability status.
    • Copy of your DARS (Degree Auditing Report System) report.

Upon approval by the Office of Admissions, the student is given a list of courses from which two are to be chosen to satisfy the FLENT requirement.

If a student has been granted a FLENT course substitution, then changes majors to a college in which language is a requirement for graduation, the FLENT substitution course(s) may/may not be approved as a replacement for the language requirement.


If a student is seeking a substitution of a major requirement, they must go through their DRC Access Consultant and academic department and follow the petition process.


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