Request Accommodations

The Disability Resource Center coordinates academic accommodations, which are determined on a case-by-case and highly individualized basis. Your accommodations will vary based on the faculty course design. We encourage students to make an active decision about the use of accommodations at the very start of each semester. Proactive planning and early communication is the key to successful services and course accommodation implementation.

Each and every semester DRC students are provided the opportunity to request or decline the provision of academic accommodations. Whether its status-quo or changes are needed, requesting accommodations via the DRC is simple!

Just complete and submit the Notification of Academic Accommodations form to the DRC. This form then authorizes the DRC to notify your professors of your accommodations.

At times, disability accommodations will be provided directly by the faculty. In such cases, the DRC will work with you and our faculty partners to ensure smooth coordination of the accommodations. In the online learning environment, the accommodations are coordinated through the DRC. We work directly with your course instructor and the FIU Online Instructional Designers to try our best to ensure all possible measures for accessibility are taken in any format needed.

Schedule an Exam

DRC services include the provision of accommodations to students with disabilities for course tests and exams. These services are available to students who qualify for certain types of accommodations. Common examples of test accommodations include: extended time, scribe services, limited distraction testing rooms, Braille test conversion, and the use of assistive technology.

We utilize an array of testing locations to meet the needs of DRC students. These are comprised by: minimal distraction group testing rooms, small individual rooms that support distraction-reduced testing, in combination with the use of assistive technology.

To schedule an exam and arrange for test taking accommodations via the Disability Resource Center, you are required to submit a completed and signed Exam Proctor form. This form is specific to each course you are enrolled in.

Schedule all your DRC exam accommodations reservation at the start of the semester so that we can meet your service needs. In order to guarantee room availability and proper time accommodations, a completed Exam Proctor Form should be submitted at least 5 business days prior in order to ensure all necessary steps are coordinated by the exam date.

If an exam date is reported less than two business days in advance, the DRC will not be able to guarantee proctoring the exam. Changes or additional exam dates can be provided by the professor to the Testing Coordinator later on in the semester, as long as it is provided one week before the scheduled exam.

Plan to take your test with accommodations at the DRC at the same time as your class takes the exam. Should other class conflicts arise, let us know promptly so that we may coordinate with the faculty and discuss options.

DRC exam accommodations are scheduled within the department's days and hours of operation. If your course is scheduled outside of business operations, let us know when you submit the Exam Proctor Form. We will work with you and the faculty to discuss options.

Requesting accessible textbooks

The DRC provides accessible versions of instructional print materials to eligible students with disabilities. Faculty, staff, and students are able to convert materials to a variety of formats by themselves using Sensus Access. 

However, if textbooks or other materials are not available in electronic formats and need to be converted, students would need to complete an Electronic Textbook Request Form at least 4 weeks before the semester starts to allow sufficient time to receive the accessible text.

To acquire materials requested by students, DRC collaborates with publishers and outside agencies to receive the material in the requested format. If the necessary format is not available, then the DRC converts materials in house which requires a longer processing time.

  • What steps should you take each semester?

    • Determine what materials are used in your course
    • If purchasing textbooks, try to select electronic formats
    • If electronic materials are not available, request to have the textbooks converted by the DRC as soon as possible. The acquisition and conversion processes are extremely time consuming, please submit the Electronic Textbook Request Form at least 4 weeks before the start of the semester starts. Make sure to upload proof of purchase for each of the converted textbooks being requested.
    • Allow 7-14 business days for the DRC to contact you with any follow-up questions or status updates.




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