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Breaking Barriers Graphic

Do you know what common barriers prevent access for people with disabilities? Based on the popular escape room game concept, the Disability Resource Center challenge teams to be locked in a room full of barriers. If you want to escape to see the light of day once again, you will need to identify and remove barriers within the room with more accessible approaches within the time allotted. This is a highly interactive experience and a great team building or training activity open to all Departments, Students, Faculty and Staff. RSVP will be available shortly.

Johnson Scholars Recognition Invite

The Johnson Scholars Ceremony is meant to recognize a group of qualified and determined group of students who have been awarded the DRC’s Johnson Scholarship this past year. Please join us in congratulating this group of engaging talented and committed students as they continue their educational journey at FIU. RSVP is required for this event and will be sent out shortly to eligible DRC students who have received the JSF Scholarship.


Get to know the Disability Resource Center and its new ally—Cori

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) has been a long-time champion for fostering a campus culture where students, faculty ...

Student who is blind on mission to serve, inspire others to have heart

When international relations major Dorysped Mancebo was 8 years old, she decided she would attend FIU.


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