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Guiding Standards of Practice

The Ombudsman at Florida International University is a member of the International Ombudsman Association (IOA). The mission of the IOA is to support and advance the global Organizational Ombudsman profession and ensure that practitioners work to the highest professional standards.

As a member of the IOA, the Ombudsman is guided by the IOA Code of Ethics.

Confidentiality. All communications are kept confidential and will not be pursued without the student's authorization and consent. However, the Ombudsman will not guarantee confidentiality under the following conditions: a report of sexual assault, sexual violence, intimate partner violence, or stalking; a crime is witnessed or reported; there appears to be imminent harm to self or others; or matters involving minors.

Neutrality and Impartiality. The Ombudsman does not take sides, and functions in a neutral role, independent of usual administrative authorities or other University structures. The ombudsman shall not advocate for any individual, but shall advocate for fair and equitably administered processes and shall facilitate discussion to identify best options to resolve problems.

Informality. The Ombudsman is an informal resource for students and does not participate in any formal administrative, academic or judicial process at the University. The Ombudsman is not able to override academic or administrative decisions made by individuals or departments who hold such authority. The Ombudsman is not an office of official notice to the University. A student's use of the ombudsman is voluntary and shall not be a required step in any grievance process. Official records are not maintained.

Independence. The Ombudsman is independent in structure, function, and appearance to the highest degree possible within the organization of the University.


Sofia Trelles
Student Ombudsperson
Graham Center 219


The Ombudsperson does not provide services electronically and will request a face-to-face or telephone meeting to best understand your circumstances. Scheduling an appointment by telephone is suggested.

*Medical students enrolled in the the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine should contact the HWCOM Ombuds Office.

Faculty Ombudsperson
Dr. Rebecca Friedman
Office of the Provost - PC 520A