Panthers Care

Panthers Care is a Dean of Students Office initiative that seeks to improve student growth, academic success, retention, and on-campus safety by creating a culture of care at FIU through proactive educational outreach and assisting students in distress. Together we can create a community where students, faculty, and staff support one another and speak up on behalf of those who may need assistance. 


Panthers Care includes:
  • An online referral system for faculty, staff, and students to help identify students in distress
  • Outreach to students who self-identify or are identified by others as needing additional support
  • Education for the FIU community about bystander intervention, interpersonal violence prevention, and how to identify a student in need of support
  • A network of campus resources that are available to assist and support students


Dean of Students Office
GC 219 (MMC) or WUC 325 (BBC)

Office Hours

Monday - Friday 8 am to 5 pm