It's On Us

Universities across the country are grappling with the issue of sexual assault on their campuses and FIU is no exception.  While reports of sexual assaults at FIU are low, the safety of students is our top priority and we are committed to being proactive to prevent and stop sexual violence on our campuses. Preventing sexual assault at our university and in our society requires FIU students, staff, and faculty to act, collaborate, and speak out against sexual violence. Together we can educate our community about sexual violence, empower our peers to be active bystanders, and prevent sexual assault at FIU. It's on all of us.



It's On Us is a national campaign aimed at ending sexual assault on college campuses. FIU's It's On Us campaign will expand education on sexual violence prevention, bystander intervention, familiarize students with the resources available for survivors, and help students know how to help a friend who has been sexually assaulted.  



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