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Stopping sexual assault requires action by everyone at our university. 


How else can you prevent sexual violence on campus?

Get Involved on campus!
Student activism is a crucial component in the effort to prevent and end sexual violence. If you're interested in getting involved on campus, consider joining:

Be an active bystander.
Bystander intervention is a prevention model based on evidence that community norms play a significant role in perpetrating violence, especially on college campuses. Bystander intervention programs teach students, faculty, and staff how to recognize risky or suspicious behavior and directly or indirectly intervene to protect someone. 

Speak out.
Everyday comments and actions contribute to the campus culture. If you see or hear things that perpetuate a culture of sexual violence, like sexist statements, jokes about sexual violence, or other types of disparaging remarks, speak up and explain why this is NOT ok. These comments may make members of the community feel unsafe and/or unwelcome and work against creating a culture of care and respect. Always report incidents of sexual violence so FIU can respond appropriately.

Learn and abide by the sexual misconduct policy! 
FIU's sexual misconduct policy is a valuable resource in explaining what constitutes sexual misconduct on campus, FIU’s reporting and investigative processes, and resources and accommodations available to survivors.  

Know the resources available to FIU students!
It is important the all members of the FIU community know the resources and accommodations available to survivors, both on and off campus.

You can also support us online by following us on Twitter and Instagram or by sharing our content with your friends and followers! Below you can find additional information about reducing sexual violence as well as resources that you can share on your own social media pages. Have an idea for a collaboration with It's On Us? Let us know! Thank you for your support

If you or someone you know is experiencing relationship violence or abuse, contact the Victim Empowerment Program, which serves students on both Modesto A. Maidique Campus and Biscayne Bay Campus. For immediate assistance, call the 24-hour hotline at 305-348-2277. All information shared with VEP is confidential and free of charge to the FIU community.



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