Resources for Undocumented Students

This information is not intended as legal advice.

What is DACA?

An Executive Order signed in July 2012 granting temporary legal status to qualifying undocumented students. It is uncertain whether or not the new administration will revoke DACA as promised during the election campaign. If revoked, DACA students could potentially be subject to detention and deportation proceedings.

Where can I find more information?

Information and resources may be found at these and other sites:

Where can undocumented individuals get free legal advice?

What resources are available on campus to confidentially help students with stress and other problems?

  • Counseling and Psychological Services provides students with emergency and short-term counseling, including emergency appointments, and links students with programs and organizations that can provide care over the long term. They have both BBC and MMC offices and a 24-hour emergency hotline: 305-348-3000
  • The Victim Empowerment Program provides support to students threatened with or victims of violence or abuse in a variety of forms, and those healing from such experiences. It isn’t a counseling center, although they do provide some counseling and link students to counseling resources. They educate students on advocating for themselves and finding healthy solutions, as well as guiding them through the university and legal options of taking action against aggressors, as they are ready. They also link students to resources they need to improve their situation when reading, such as emergency housing.

What resources are available on campus to help students if their financial or work situation is affected?

  • Student Health and Wellness offers students free basic healthcare at MMC and BBC campuses. They can also help students obtain free or reduced-cost prescription drugs and more extensive healthcare.
  • Fostering Panther Pride provides assistance to students experiencing homelessness. They help students find on- or off-campus housing, navigate financial aid and other university policies, and link students to FIU and community resources providing academic and non-academic counseling, tutoring, and job placement.
  • Student Food Pantry provides free food to any currently enrolled student, up to 10lbs per week, no questions asked. They have BBC and MMC locations.



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