Dean Certifications & Behavioral Standing Letters

Students and alumni who are applying to other academic institutions or for employment which requires a disclosure of prior conduct information are required to complete a Dean Certification or Letter of Behavioral Standing. Because conduct records are considered educational records protected by FERPA, Student Conduct and Academic Integrity (SCAI) does not share information regarding conduct records with anyone outside of FIU without a written consent. Thus, a release authorization from the student is mandatory. SCAI does not release prior conduct information over the phone as we are unable to verify the identity of the caller.

Please note that SCAI will process a completed request within 5-10 business days of receipt. For questions, contact the office at (305) 348-3939.

Requesting a Letter of Behavioral Standing

Student Conduct and Academic Integrity will provide a general notice to verify good standing or informing the recipient of the general facts of any incident(s), violation(s), and sanction(s) as applicable. To request a letter, the Disciplinary Records Request Form must be completed with the "I request that FIU SCAI write a letter detailing my disciplinary history at FIU" option selected.

Requesting a Dean Certification (electronic)

If your Transfer Report/Dean Certification form can be submitted to the institution(s) via fax or email, please upload the completed form via the Disciplinary Records Request Form with the "I request that FIU SCAI release any information necessary to appropriately complete the attached Dean's Certification Form." option selected.

Requesting a Dean Certification (hard copy)

If the institution(s) require a hard copy of your completed form to be mailed via US Postal Service (snail mail):


NOTE: This is not the place to request the transcript copies themselves. Transcript requests for currently enrolled students are made through; for alumni and former students, requests are made through the OneStop website at


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