FERPA Waiver

The Family Educational Right to Privacy Act of 1974, more commonly known as FERPA, gives ownership and control of all educational records, which include student conduct records, to your student.

In accordance with FERPA, it is the philosophy of Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution that our FIU students are considered responsible adults who are allowed to determine who receives information about their conduct case and/or record. With this in mind, a parent, family member, or attorney does not automatically receive access to a student’s conduct case contents. However, if a parent, family member, or attorney contacts our office, our staff will do our best to answer general questions regarding process, but will not release any specific information about the student or the case.

If a student wishes to provide access to his/her conduct case/records to a parent, family member, or attorney, it is necessary to fill out a FERPA release form and submit it to our office. It can be hand delivered, faxed to 305-348-6477 or scanned and emailed conduct@fiu.edu. Upon receipt of the FERPA waiver, our office staff will be happy to answer more specific and detailed questions from anyone listed on the waiver. A copy of the waiver can be obtained from our staff or downloaded below.



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