List of Advisors

The following trained individuals are available, as their schedules permit, to serve as impartial procedural advisors for students who are charged with violations of the FIU Student Conduct and Honor Code. The role of the impartial advisor is to assist the student in understanding the policies and procedures of the student conduct process. The impartial advisor may not represent or speak on behalf of the student at the hearing, nor may they instruct the student as to what to say or not to say. The impartial procedural advisors are procedural advisors only. If the student wishes to have an advisor that may advise them beyond this as to what to say, they may bring their own advisor into the hearing process (who may be anyone - a parent, attorney, friend, faculty/staff member, etc.). Section 1(b) and Section 10 of the Student Conduct and Honor Code provides further information on Advisors and their role during the student conduct process.

2018-2019 List of Impartial Procedural Advisors

Michelle Castro
Assistant Director, Office of Campus Life
(305) 348-2397
Scott Jones
Director, Wolfe University Center, BBC
(305) 919-5500

Janice Givens
Program Manager, Multicultural Programs & Services
(305) 348-2436

Timothy Dean
Program Director, Upward Bound & Pre-College Programs
(305) 348-2619

Joanna Garcia
Associate Director, Center for Leadership & Service
(305) 348-1395

Amaris Mier
Transfer Coordinator, Transfer & Transition Services
(305) 348-0562

Korrin Anderson (not available during summer)
Director, Orientation & Family Programs
(305) 348-6414

Suman Kakar
Associate Professor, School of International & Public Affairs
(305) 348-5992

Sean O'Melia (Graduate Student)
Graduate Assistant, Undergraduate Admissions
(305) 348-0525

Maria Luisa Perez Serrano (Graduate Student)
Graduate Assistant, Women's Center
(304) 348-1506

Janet Branch
Associate Director, Wellness & Recreation Center
Phone TBA

Gabrielle Lloyd (Graduate Assistant)
Graduate Assistant, Women's Center, BBC
(305) 919-5359


Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution
GC 311
(305) 348-3939