Peer Education Program

The Peer Education Program consists of Peer Educators who present on topics like consent, healthy relationships, and sexual assault reaching more than 2,500 students each semester. The Peer Education Program has had collaborative partnerships with various units around the university to host tabling events, give presentations, and participate in freshman orientation sessions. We are looking for responsible, motivated students who want to gain public speaking skills and impact the FIU community in a positive way!

The first step in our program is the 8-hour Victimization Education training. You can always sign up to participate and receive a certificate even if you do not want to become a Peer Educator with us. We will cover Sexual Assault, Relationship Violence, Stalking, Hazing, Hate Crimes, the Neurobiology of Trauma, and the Objectification of Women in Media. You can use the form below and we will get back to you!



What students should know about sexual assault

For Sexual Assault Awareness month, FIU hosted a panel discussion.

Kiwi, FIU’s mental health spokesperson, has a message for you

FIU’s Counseling and Psychological Services spokesperson is perfect for the job.



Students can receive direct crisis services from Victim Empowerment Advocate Counselors by calling CAPS/VEP main number: 305-348-2277

8:30 am – 5:00 pm – M, T, W, TR, F  and VEP Advocate Counselors respond to crises 24/7
VEP By appointment – 8:30 am – 5:00 pm – M, T, W, TR, F and VEP Advocate Counselors respond to crises 24/7
After-hours:  Students can receive supportive services by professional answering service staffed by clinicians by calling CAPS/VEP main number: 305-348-2277
VEP after-hours direct crisis services include on-site response, accompaniment to Rape Treatment Center, assistance accessing safe shelter for domestic violence and help with basic needs. 
Follow-up appointments to support student’s recovery are arranged.