Our Services

The Victim Empowerment Program (VEP) provides free and confidential services to assist students, faculty, staff, and university visitors who have experienced actual or threatened violence. VEP is dedicated to assisting students in overcoming trauma and remaining successful in their academic pursuits.

  • Types of Services
    Advocacy/Case Management
    • 24-hour support, information, referrals and advocacy
    • Assistance with exploration of options and accessing community resources
    • Supportive Services, accompaniment to court, meetings, hearings and depositions involving the criminal justice system or FIU student conduct process
    • Help facilitating academic accommodations, if needed
    • Speaking with instructors, legal representatives, family members, employers, landlords and other campus or community service providers, upon request
    Supportive counseling to individuals who have been victimized, whether the abuse occurred recently or in the past
    • Our Victim Advocate Counselors are primary mental health professionals trained in trauma and crisis intervention to provide comprehensive supportive counseling
    • Group Counseling and Psychoeducation is available
    Outreach/Peer Education
    • VEP also provides an educational programming, social work internships, and training for student interested in participating in our peer educator program, for which students received hourly pay
  • What to Expect

    VEP Walk-in Process

    FIU Victim Advocates are here to serve our students. Victim Advocates are primary mental health professionals who are trained in trauma and crisis intervention to provide comprehensive supportive services to aid in recovery from experiences, including, (but not limited to): assault, battery, relationship abuse (physical, verbal or emotional), sexual and/or attempted sexual battery (acquaintance rape, date rape, stranger rape, molestation), stalking (repeated following or harassment), hate and/or property crimes.

    • Informed Consent
      • Police reports are not required to receive services. Clients are provided with information and options and are free to decide which, if any, course of action they will pursue.
    • Make an Appointment
      • Call 305-348-2277 between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:45 pm to schedule an appointment
      • Allot 30 minutes to complete initial appointment paperwork which is followed by a brief confidential consultation session with counselor to assess appropriate delivery of services
      • Initial Appointments and Consultations with be made with the first available counselor
      • Same day consultations are available
        Modesto Maidique Campus
        Monday through Friday
        9:00 am to 4:30 pm
      • Emergency After Hours: Call 305-348-2277 to speak to our after-hours crisis service

Frequently Asked Questions



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