Online Workshops and Resources

The following workshops can help you assess your skills and offer solutions for common stressors.

Anger Management

Students who need to complete Anger Management course may choose from any of the 2 links below

Time Management

Take this test to find out if you're good at managing your time. The results can also give you tips and tools on how to improve your time management skills.

Thought Helper

ThoughtHelper is designed to help you become aware of cognitive distortions that may contribute to unhappiness or depression. Simply type your thoughts and feelings about your day, your life, your relationships, or whatever is getting you down, and ThoughtHelper will highlight statements that are unrealistic and may be contributing to your depressed mood.

Thinking of Becoming a Psychologist?

Take a look at this Power Point designed to outline the path to the different psychology professions, what they mean and how to get there!

View Presentation



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