Group Counseling

Are you looking to improve your relationships, get support from others and learn more about others' perceptions of you? CAPS offers a variety of group counseling options including topics such as anxiety, LGBTQA, relationships, and much more. In addition, group counseling has been widely used and has been a standard treatment for years. Studies comparing group counseling to individual counseling show that group counseling is as effective and sometimes even more effective than individual counseling. Group Counseling is one of the main forms of treatment at CAPS. Currently, Group Counseling is offered at the MMC and BBC CAPS offices.

Group Counseling Descriptions

There are a variety of Group Counseling options at the MMC and BBC CAPS offices.

Current group options: 

  • Defy Your Fears Group
    Provides students a supportive environment to gradually face what they have been avoiding because of fear, including social interactions with new people.
  • Understanding Self and Others Group
    Understanding Self and Others Group is a safe space where students can experiment with new ways of relating to others and get support and feedback from others.
  • The Leading Ladies Women's Group

    Offers a warm and supportive environment for women to explore issues related to improving relationships with other women, increasing self-esteem and self-confidence, balancing multiple roles, and enhancing communication.

  • The Bro to Bro Men's Group

    Offers a safe place for men to explore issues related to the pressures of what's acceptable for men and their relationships with others.

  • Finding Balance Mindfulness Group

    Offers students the opportunity to learn  mindfulness meditation practices that help reduce stress. Students will learn techniques to focus on what is happening now rather than worrying about what happened in the past or what might happen in the future.

  • ADAPT Group

    Offers students the opportunity to learn and develop adaptive coping skills to better manage life’s challenges, such as academic distress, painful emotions, and interpersonal conflict.

  • The Seeking Safety Survivors Group

    Assists students in developing skills that can reduce the impact of past traumatic life experiences as well as helping them gain insight as to how these past experience may be impacting their current relationships.

  • Sista Circle
    “Sista” Circle is a supportive space created to help women who identify as being a member of a marginalized ethnic/racial group work through issues associated with academics, familial difficulties, interpersonal-intrapersonal conflict, identity development, self-esteem, mental health difficulties and so much more.
  • Master of Thoughts - Modify your Mood
    This group is designed for students looking to overcome symptoms of depression including loss of interest in things and/or daily sad mood. This brief evidence-based treatment will help you become increasingly aware of how your thoughts and behaviors affect your mood, and will give you opportunities to practice using new skills to change your mood.

Group Schedule

If you would like to attend a group session, please call 305-348-2277 to request a consultation appointment. This is a prerequisite for joining group.

Confidentiality policy

Counseling is confidential. Confidentiality refers to keeping information that is shared private and to oneself. CAPS does not release information to FIU administrators or faculty, parents, family members, or outside agencies without the client's written authorization. Exceptions to confidentiality include: as required by Florida law, when a clinician determines that a person is at risk for child or elder abuse/neglect, suicide, or homicide.

Group FAQs

  • I am interested in a group - how can I participate?

    To participate in group, visit CAPS during walk-in hours to meet with a clinician who can briefly determine if group would be a good fit for you and answer your questions about participating in group counseling.

  • Why is group counseling useful?

    Group counseling provides you with the unique opportunity to learn with and from other people. In receiving support and feedback from other group members, you will be able to gain a better understanding of your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors.

  • What kinds of people participate in group?

    Only registered FIU students are eligible to join group. Group counseling can benefit many people, from those having difficulties in relationships to those dealing with specific problems such as depression and anxiety.

  • How many people are in a typical group?

    Most groups have between 6 to 8 students and 2 group leaders.

  • How long is each group session?

    Each group session lasts 90 minutes.

  • How much does group cost?

    It's free! If you are currently registered at FIU, you can use CAPS services which are funded by the student health fee.

  • What if I don't like group?

    For some students, group can be uncomfortable at the beginning. To give group a fair chance, CAPS asks that you commit to attending at least 6 group sessions. After that, if you decide to leave group, you should discuss your decision with the group leaders so that alternate treatment options can be considered.

  • What if I know someone in group?

    Please let the group leaders known immediately if you have an existing relationship with someone in the group. At this point, the group leaders will decide how to best resolve the situation.

  • How long does group last?

    Groups typically meet for the duration of a semester, excluding FIU holidays. This typically comes out to about 8 to 10 weeks.




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